Leak Week — Denon DJ’s Laidback… Leak?

Full disclosure — at the time of writing, I’m cooking a killer Wensleydale cheese pie. It’s my better half’s favourite but I want to get this written and posted before the sublime puff pastry burns. So I’ll be brief. 

You may recall that last year, Denon DJ’s head cheerleader Laidback Luke was involved in some under the cover activity that eventually became the SC6000 Prime. Well, it seems that he’s been employed as a leaking device yet again, this time “accidentally” leaving a mystery device in shot. 

Seen on Digital DJ Tips and Reddit, this device looks like someone has taken a grinder to a regular 6000 and produced a headless unit. Oh no, a media player without a 42” TV welded to the top of it — it must be the naughties all over again. 

Denon DJ Laidback Luke leak sidecar (1)

But no — this makes perfect sense. Because the Denon players are dual-layer, you’re having to awkwardly double up controls to make full use of all the features, something that I have absolutely no time for. That whole four-channel controller inside a two-channel controller lark leaves me quite cold. 

So adding a dumb headless unit on the side is a great idea. Be it to make a single player into two, and to go full four decks is a good look. 

Coincidentally, I’m using a MacBook Pro with an iPad as a second screen via Sidecar, and it seems to be the perfect metaphor for what we’re looking at here. So let’s call this a sidecar unit, just like on a motorcycle too. 

I have no word on anything else. We writers are all about the what, where, when, why, and how, but I care more for the cheese pie that’s almost done than I do shaking the grapevine to fill in details or play this clearly staged leak game any further because we all know how happy that makes me.

So I don’t know if it’s a MIDI controller and could work like a Rane Twelve MKII. If Denon DJ does it right, this could be the tabletop MIDI controller that people have been banging on about for years, effectively the DN-MC2000 brought up to date.

Anyway, the pie is cooked and looks like this:

Leak Week — Denon DJ’s Laidback… Leak?

And if anyone wants the recipe, let me know and I’ll post it in the comments. And before you ask — no, there’s no leak in it.