Technics 1200 Lamborghini

We didn’t see this one coming.

A new Technics 1200, the Special Edition Lamborghini Direct Drive Turntable System – SL-1200M7B to be precise.

Considering the brands involved, $1,599 isn’t as expensive as it could be.

Seems like the brand team at Lamborghini have been busy recently, first there was the Lamborghini film (4/10 – v.strange, Ferrari film is better, decent cars though) and now this. We await to see what the Italian supercar is partnered with next

Will it sound and work fantastically? – Of course it’s a Technics 1200.

Do we like the colourways? – Not so much. Particularly the orange.

We also struggle to see who this is aimed at. Formula 1 drivers? Those middle age men that wear F1 branded hats and t-shirts? The 7 inch Technics feels like something we’d want a lot more.

Available from July 2024 at BestBuy amongst others.

Read more about it here – Technics + Lambo

The official word on the Technics 1200 Lamborghini

As the go-to choice of DJs the world over, the SL-1200 Series offers the SL-1200M7B, a collaboration between Technics and Lamborghini that brings together the brands’ concepts and sound-making initiatives. Includes a vinyl record featuring the engine sounds of flagship Lamborghini cars, a slipmat, and stickers with exclusive designs, plus the highest possible sound quality and wide-ranging DJ functions.

  • Two Brands Collaborate in Excellence: The aesthetic & sound of Lamborghini; Technics’ legendary audio
  • Audiophile-grade DJ Turntable: Coreless direct drive motor with a highly sensitive, robust tonearm
  • Lamborghini’s iconic colors: Arancio Apodis, Verde Shock, and Giallo Athon
  • Includes vinyl record with the engine sounds of flagship Lamborghini cars, a slipmat, and stickers
  • The vinyl itself is a picture disc with an image of a tire from Lamborghini’s latest model, the Revuelto. 
Technics 1200 Lamborghini