DJ Elfigo Interview

The 30 second intro – Who are you?

I am Belgo-French DJ and Producer Elfigo based in Ibiza. I am 13 years old. Last summer I performed at Tomorrowland 2023, on the emerging talent stage ‘Rise’ after being spotted on social media (Ed – Elfigo has 360k Instagram Followers /60k followers on TikTok with more than 10 million views).

Inspired by iconic French DJs and producers such as Daft Punk, DJ Snake and Justice, Bob Sinclar, I was raised on a blend of House, Electro, Funk, Hip-Hop, and Jazz, all of which have influenced my musical taste. I perform regularly on the island’s top beach clubs, and host a weekly slot on local Ibiza radio station Startdust. I have been invited this year to perform in the Solar Storm Festival, a fan zone for the Euro’s in Germany 2024 while a few other festival appearances in the works like camp Bestival in Dorset (UK) in July.

I also begun a journey into music production last summer working on techno-house tracks, and recently released three tunes which are available across major streaming platforms

DJ El Figo interview

Watch and listen to DJ Elfigo in action

How would most people know you? (What are you most well known for?) 

Known for my social media , I blend music from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s with contemporary electronic beats, creating mashups that have garnered a massive following.

My DJ journey as DK Elfigo began at age of 8, and in the last five years, I have developed skills that many seasoned DJs aspire to achieve. With a growing presence on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, I push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

DJ Elfigo Interview

(DJWORX – We first saw Elfigo on our socials. Hard to believe the skills of one so young!!)

Please list your relevant links (Social accounts, Mixcloud, gigs etc and a link to a mix)







Please let us know your next gig dates, and release schedule if you have anything coming out soon 

New release of my second remix on Spotify the 30th of June 2024

What is your home DJ tech set up currently?

Pioneer – XDJ XZ – 2 x CDJ2000NXS2 – DJS1000 – RMX 1000

What do you most often play out on these days?

Afro house and tech House

What DJ tech did you use in your early days? (We’d love to see some photos!)

Pioneer DDJ200 (Ed – Look at the progression here!!!)

What’s on the tech shopping list? 

DJM V10 and Technics SL-1200MK7

What’s been your favourite ever gig?

Tomorrowland 2023

Throughout your career is there a piece of equipment that you have just never got on with? 

Technics SL 1200-MK7 (Ed – We love that El Figo is going to get one of these to conquer it)

From a DJing point of view what three things do you always take to a gig apart from USB and headphones obviously!

My cap , sometimes glasses and my passion and love for music.

Can you talk us through your productions? (If any)

I am driven by an unwavering passion for music production. I have a profound love for creating Afro music, tech house beats, and EDM sounds. I am deeply committed to exploring the vast landscapes of music, constantly seeking new sounds and inspirations to infuse into my work.

If you still have vinyl at home, how much? 

I wish I had :-) (Ed – We are sure this will change)

Outside of DJing and production, what tech do you use at home? 

I am a Apple fan : iPhone, iPad, Mac Pro

Can you let us know three apps that are essential to you?

Ableton Live, Mixed in key, Beatsurfing and chat GPT of course

What app would you like to spread the word about? 

Beatsurfing is just an amazing app for real time show

What non-music related product can’t you live without? 

My iPhone : I am a digital phone native kid

Any DJs or producers that we should watch out for? 

Personally i am impressed by KIMOTION

Been to any great clubs or events recently?

Sorry I can’t go to clubs yet … too young :-)

Football team?

Paris Saint Germain !! Ici c’est PARIS

Book recommendations? 

Art of War (Ed – !!!)

Thanks to this incredibly impressive young DJ for the DJ ELfigo interview. Definitely one to watch. Age is no barrier.

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