The DJWORX Mission Statement

  • DJWORX is aspirational.
  • We help our audience become DJs and better DJs.
  • We want want to help our audience enjoy being a DJ as much as possible.
  • We are supportive of the DJ industry, but we will review and comment independently and freely.
  • As well as reviewing the latest DJ technology, we also cover the wider DJ and event landscape.
  • We show people where they could forge a career in music.
  • We tell the stories of pro and semi-pro DJs to inspire the next generation, or to help people get more from the time they invest in DJing.
  • We don’t promote buying for buyings sake, we do promote the fact that DJing is for everyone.
  • We support club, event, festival, wedding and mobile DJs equally where possible.


Having a heritage going back to 2003 , DJWORX (formerly skratchworx) has been the go-to DJ gear resource for DJs of all styles and skills for over a decade. Founded by Mark Settle, and now edited by Paul Ranger, the DJWORX team has a collective knowledge base covering decades of DJing from the turntable and vinyl times through CDJs and laptops, right up to the finer points of MIDI mapping, streaming and iPad DJing.

We’re also a diverse bunch of DJs, and find ourselves quite happy working with all manner of music technology. This means that we have the right reviewer for the right product, and can uniquely offer multiple opinions in the same review.

Be it DVS, MIDI controllers, or advances in tablet DJing, DJWORX has been there to cover every game-changing DJ product in over two decades, often exclusively. It’s fair to say that we’re the only resource that caters to every type of gear for every level of DJ. We feel that DJing is many things to many people, so we don’t limit ourselves to one particular genre or skill level.


Our product is our expertise, and we give it away to you, the reader, for free. We are 100% focussed on delivering the very best DJ technology related content. DJWORX is recognised by the industry as delivering the most authoritative words and respected opinions with the most independent voice. Both the DJ industry and our readers trust us implicitly to deliver the most constructive and impartial advice.

Our skills are also in demand from the DJ industry to help them bring you better DJ products, be it from market intelligence, creating high quality photography and video, or helping to shape the future of what you use.

Ultimately, DJWORX is the place where the DJ industry and their customers can meet on neutral ground to better understand each other: our comments section is scanned on a daily basis by the very people making the gear you want to buy. And because of the open, honest, and respectful culture we instil, they will happily hear your voice.


Who are DJWORX?

Meet the team here at DJWORX


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