Rekordbox 7 is released

Previously in Public Beta, Rekordbox 7 is now available for everyone to download. Here’s our summary of what to watch out for.

Headline features of Rekordbox 7

  • Platform refresh and newly designed GUI – Some lovely small touches make it much more polished overall
  • Uses a lot less battery power and also CPU load (this will be very popular). Up to 56% less CPU, something we’ve been crying out for.
  • Intelligent cue creation – just like Mixed In Key. Rekordbox 7 uses an algorithm to reflect cue points in other songs based on trends.
  • Radar – Discover similar tracks from your collection and/or streaming.
  • Vocal detection – Using AI, its now displayed at the top of the waveform, helping you avoid vocal over vocal clashes.
  • Export mode has an upgrade with a dual player available making it much more like performance mode. Will the two ever merge, maybe in RB8?
  • Column view – Finally! Folders can be seen within a hierarchy. A big bonus for organisation.
  • Playlist sharing – Just like Spotify, but with BPMs and cues. Will be interesting to see how much this does or doesn’t take off
  • The Browser is now icon, not tree based. This might take some getting used to.
  • Filter – This will help with big collections, to filter down to just the right song. We suspect this is a dark horse for most useful new feature.
  • Streaming has new views – Much more visual. Beware though – t makes your screen a riot of colour though.
  • Pricing – Pro remains the same £30/pm , £21/pm for Creative with cloud, £17/pm for Core with Cloud, and £7 p/m for Free with Cloud. What are your thoughts on Rekordbox 7 pricing?

AlphaTheta Rekordbox 7 site is here

When Rekordbox was first released Mark went deep on a first look

Let us know your experiences with the new Rekordbox 7, and what features you are most excited for. We will be going over it in much more detail as soon as we have stress tested it.