So... will you #changeyourrider to Denon DJ Prime? 2

So… will you #changeyourrider to Denon DJ Prime?

Tens of thousands of words and pictures later, that was our take on the Denon DJ Prime range. We've wanted to throw things, but overwhelmingly welcome their addition to the DJ scene. But what does it all mean for you, me, and every DJ out there? Read my rambling opinion to bring closure to this epic week. ...
Denon DJ Engine Prime software review (2)

REVIEW (well almost): Engine Prime software

For us, the success of the #changeyourrider hashtag depended on the ability to convert another library into something playable on the SC5000 Prime. Denon DJ released Engine Prime into the wild, but should have spent considerably more time on it. What follows is a glimpse of our feelings while we wait for the next beta. ...