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Posted by Denon DJ on Friday, 1 November 2019

The back end of last week saw a somewhat extreme Denon DJ deal splashed across every corner of my social footprint, specifically the offer of buying a pair of SC5000M Primes, and getting an X1800 Prime mixer lobbed in for free. That’s a humungous 49% discount, that will either see credit cards being thrown at screens, or the usual protestations from those that bought the very same setup just last week. 

But why would they have such a fire sale? It’s a bit early for Black Friday. And I’m reasonably certain that it’s not a closing-down-everything-must-go blow out. But there’s always a reason for such unbelievably good deals. 

I think I may have an answer

Well Denon DJ’s ambassador Laidback Luke seems to have given us a tiny preview of new Denon DJ tackle that may or may not be heading our way at some point in the future. 

Luke and his camera are somewhat prolific on social media. And as ever, he did a wrap-up video from ADE in Amsterdam, and gave us the merest glimpse of something. There’s sheets with things hiding underneath, but poking out is what looks like a player of some sort. 

new denon dj media player tease Laidback Luke ADE

It looks to be in the same vein as the existing 5000 and 5000M Prime units, albeit with a stealth black paint job. And before the conspiracy theorists go off on one, that’s the X1800 Prime to the right off it. You haven’t spied anything new just out of shot, although I see more things hidden from prying eyes in the footage. No amount of image manipulation gives up anything of value.

Even money is on a NAMM announcement for whatever is lurking under these sheets. Given track records for such things, it’ll all be leaked ahead of time anyway, a subject this is driving my very next editorial.


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