Phase delayed again — troops are getting restless

Here’s the Phase timeline — the world saw the concept and collectively caused the worst case of GAS ever experienced in the DJ world. Subsequent showings and roadshows have seen further proclamations of it being revolutionary, a game changer, and even a needle and Rane Twelve killer. And then the pre-orders came… and went, followed by sincere apologies from MWM about delaying Phase until November and wanting to absorb user feedback to make Phase the very best it could be. Obviously, this was met with a small amount of disappointment, but generally goodwill was still intact.

But here we are at the end of November, and this morning MWM wrote to me in somewhat apologetic tones telling me that Phase has hit issues in production and will be delayed until the end of January.

I like to think that I’m a generous chap, and generally see the good in people. My outlook is to see the positive side of things. I also give people a second chance, but after another delay and a few small red flags being waved, you’ll forgive me if my good will wavers a tad.

Tiny alarm bells are ringing

Crowdfunding (in reality that’s what the pre-orders were) is littered with too many projects that start off with the very best of intentions, but for all manner of reasons end up with many thousands of disappointed backers and bankrupt project owners.

I’m especially sensitive after losing too much money on a rather splendid leather bag project that was going to be a 50th birthday pressie to myself. I was regaled with a steady stream of promises, revised deadlines, and apologies culminating in bankruptcy, and further promises to make it right. It never was, and my bagless 53rd birthday approaches.

I’m not saying that the Phase project is in trouble. MWM seems genuine about delivering at the end of January. And I’m confident of this happening because of the sheer number of people who have used it and praised it, most notably Jazzy Jeff. It’s still unclear if they mean shipping from the factory at the end of January (which a few weeks after to get into your hands) or if they actually mean with you by the end of January. I’ve asked for clarification.

Fingers crossed

While I don’t for a second believe that Phase will change any games or kill anything in particular, I do genuinely want to see it become a real product. There’s no reason that it shouldn’t — MWM has indicated in this thread on Facebook that all production issues have been sorted, and a new factory slot has been booked. All we can do is hope that a third grovelling email doesn’t arrive at the end of January.