MWM Phase wireless DVS delayed (3)

Phase delayed by two months to make it even better

I’ve learned so many lessons over the years. One that has stuck with me is this:

It is better to be late and right, than on time but wrong.

A similar maxim used in creative circles is “perfect and late or good and on time?”, which does rather depend if good enough falls on the right side of wrong.

So imagine that you’ve dropped a wad of pre-order cash on something, only to receive it and it doesn’t measure up to the hype and expectations, or could simply have been better. Well it seems that MWM, the people behind the wireless DVS Phase, have been wrestling with this thought process, and have delayed the final launch by a couple of months.

Let’s hear what they have to say. This is taken from their Facebook page:

MWM Phase wireless DVS delayed (3)

Update on the Phase Journey: official launch date


Today we have news to share with you regarding Phase development and its commercialization.

Phase development overview

As you may have seen in our latest posts and newsletters, we have validated the final design of Phase, and the entire hardware parts (electronic and mechanical) are now complete and ready for production. After months of prototyping, we are proud to have reached this important step, which brings us closer to the final product. We are also preparing the ground for commercialization: packaging is ready, and we are finalizing the supply chain and our distribution network around the globe.

MWM Phase wireless DVS delayed (1)

Final design and packaging

In the past few weeks, we presented our latest prototypes at several events around the world where we came to meet the DJ community for in-depth testing sessions. We gathered valuable feedback regarding product improvements or new feature ideas that could be added. These exchanges have convinced us that Phase can go even further than what we had initially imagined, and we have decided to take more time to reach this quality level.

Official Phase launch date: November 28th 2018

As heartbreaking as it was for us, we took an important and difficult decision and decided to postpone the launch to November 28th. This will give us the opportunity to improve Phase and offer you the perfect product that will meet all your expectations. We will use this extra time to work on major development directions:

  • New and faster radio data transmission protocol
  • Upgrade the USB support for new application compatibilities
  • Redesign the pairing system for easy-to-use and instant setup in any situation
  • New update system that will allow to integrate new major features remotely
  • Rework the included accessories (magnetic stickers and cables) to meet intense DJ performances requirements

We would like to sincerely apologize for the delay, we know what a frustration this news is for you all – it was hard for us too – but we are convinced that it is for the best. We are a team of passionate people whose main goal has always been to bring innovative and high-quality solutions to the DJ community, and we need more time than initially forecasted to honour that promise.

MWM Phase wireless DVS delayed (2)

We will continue to meet and exchange with you during our Phase Live Sessions all over the world, and regularly share news and updates until launch day – November 28th.


And that’s fine by me. It’s refreshing to see a company in a position to get a significant amount of hands-on testing from potential users, and have that feedback shape the final product. All too often I look at products and wonder if anyone outside of the designer has even seen it before. But in the case of Phase, the first public showing at NAMM 2018 got the DJ community all in a tizzy, proclaiming the death of assorted DJ products, and randomly rolling out the hackneyed “game changer”.

And subsequent appearances has allowed MWM to make some decisions about the final product, which has led to the decision to delay for a couple of months. Given that the product has been used by a great many people now, it’s clearly not some sort of Kirtstartered render-only vapourware, so you can be sure that it will appear very soon. And that new launch date is November 28th.

Phase delayed by two months to make it even better

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