Hello… is this thing on? Just checking. Hello, I’m Mark, and you may remember me from really not that long ago but seems like ages. Frankly there’s just not that much going on that any of us finds interesting right now. Don’t worry — we’re all busy working on content for DJWORX. But sometimes opportunities come along outside of our cosy empire that are worth investigating.

One such opportunity to come my way is an invitation from Denon DJ to write some regular sage words for their new Denon DJ blog. Obviously it’s not a place where I can gush about other brands, or tear a new one in Denon DJ’s latest products. I can however scribble about more generic DJ topics, i.e. ones that fall outside of the strict gear fence I’ve built around DJWORX.

In the first article, I take a look at the very thing we all call ourselves — DJ. I dissect the origins of disc jockey and how it has changed from being entirely descriptive of the media and the process, and transformed into something more.

Like DJWORX, my remit is to challenge the reader. I know that some of you place a very high value on using discs and that anything less isn’t DJing. But I argue the case that DJ is an all-encompassing name that basically involves playing music to a crowd, and that crowd has less connection to discs than ever before.

Feel free to go check my article out right here. And if you have comments about the piece, leave them there.