NEW: IKEA EKET shelves — new vinyl storage option

IKEA’s assorted ranges of shelves suitable for vinyl storage is well known, and seemingly ever-changing. EXPEDIT was a DJ’s favourite, both as storage and as a DJ table. This was replaced by KALLAX, and then supplemented by the more upmarket NORNÄS. But The Vinyl Factory reports that a more colourful variant called EKET is upon us.

EKET is similar in style to NORNÄS as it lacks the thicker outer frame. And it’s much more of a complete modular solution for storage as it covers cupboards, sideboards, shelves, and wall mounted cabinets. You can check out all the options here.

NEW: IKEA EKET shelves — new vinyl storage option

The big difference between EKET and other IKEA ranges is that EKET is all about colour. There are no natural wood options, but instead features tints and shade of black, white, blue, and orange. The orange in particular is a bold move, one that will probably see me being able to fit out every wall on-brand in the Worxlab for cheap when it becomes apparent that there aren’t many people willing to put such a colour in their home.

NEW: IKEA EKET shelves — new vinyl storage option
Yes this is a possibility — for a price.

Even I’m not sure I’m brave enough to do a whole wall in bright orange. I mocked up what a basic DJWORX logo would look like done in EKET individual cubes. And there’s one space in the new Worxlab where it would fit too. Would make one hell of a room divider for sure, and as far as branding the workspace goes, it’s pretty hardcore. But that’s a lofty £1200 to do that wall, and my vinyl collection would fit in 25% on that space. I’m not Harry Love. I do have a growing collection of books though, and that’s likely to grow faster than my vinyl one.

Looking at the UK IKEA site, NORNÄS seems to have been discontinued, leaving KALLAX and the new EKET as the range for DJs to make their vinyl collection look organised and pretty in their spaces. I’ll pop along to IKEA Leeds for a look just to see how orange it really is.


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