Vekked and Brace = Fresherthans DMC 2017 team entry

If you were to ask any turntablist who is hot right now, Vekked and DJ Brace would be very high up on that list. With a clutch of trophies to their names, they decided to team up to become The Fresherthans. And this year they’re back to compete in the DMC team finals, and have put together a set that is both musical and technical.

Check out Brace’s trademark use of the fretless fader with the Vestax Controller One. I also like Vekked’s use of an xkey keyboard (check daughter Hatty’s review here) for MIDI control. I’d suggest watching this a few times to get the full picture of the numerous layers. I struggle to make it through a lot of 6 minutes sets these days, but I’m on my third watch now.

Great work guys. And good luck in the finals. You can follow progress on the DMC team battle page.