Something for the weekend — Arkaei at IDA 2016

We’re a diverse bunch of DJs at DJWORX. But none of us quite push the technology envelope like Ray aka Arkaei. I honestly believe that he would incorporate a smartphone-linked domestic appliance into his setup if he thought it was musically valid. And to further underline that he mocks your DJ battle sensibilities and laughs in the face of your conventions, here is his complete show category set from the IDA World Final 2016.

This is Ray’s Nerd Edit of his set. While conventional turntable based battling is relatively easy to work out from a tech perspective, Ray’s setup and methodology does require a little explanation. Thus he’s added nerd subtitles to assist in your understanding of exactly what’s going on. And this isn’t even his full setup either.

Enjoy. And if you need to know more, Ray is always around to share his mad scientist knowledge.

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