HELP: Identify this old school DJ mixer

[youtube id=”7REBBLKB7G4″]

While the DJ realm is becoming littering with an increasingly bewildering array of technology, some of us still have our eyes on the past. And the DJpedia Facebook group does a sterling job of chronicling old school DJ gear, especially mixers. But one has us all stumped — it’s in the Amphitheater (yes US spelling) scene at the end of iconic Hip Hop film Wild Style, where Grandmixer D. ST. (now DXT) can be seen cutting up Good Times.

I’ve lifted the clip and uploaded it but without sound. I’m not wanting to annoy anyone with copyright infringement, and frankly you don’t need the sound to see the mixer. Considerably more knowledgeable than myself have taken a look, but none of us can quite pinpoint the exact make and model. Calls are in to old school legends who were connected to the Wild Style film to see if it can be identified.

wild style mixer

The logo is unclear, but it doesn’t seem to tally up with any established brands of the time like Gemini, Numark, Radio Shack, Pyramid etc. But the general layout and wooden case suggest a Numark DM-1600 or similar, so I’ve put a call into Numark, but I’m not hopeful. Gemini — is it one of yours?

I’m certain there’s someone sat reading this who is almost certainly looking at this very mixer across the room. If you are, please put us out of our misery.