FRIDAY FUN: 2manybuttons

We’ve all been there: you get your gear set up with plenty of time to spare, and you don’t know what half the stuff does. 2manybuttons?


… *shifty eyes*


I don’t know about you, but I’d happily have the controller that can open and close the lift doors on command.

The video might be poking fun at button overload in the DJ booth, but as we’ve seen recently, there’s still underlying tension between old and new school. Clearly the fact this video exists means there must be at least some thought in the general public that the mass of gear is just for show?


What I suspect is that people liken live EDM shows to bands of old (and new… I’m off to see Counting Crows tonight!) where each member of the band has an instrument they specialise on. When electronic musicians have all their gear laid out, quite a lot of it is designed for very specific uses in the music/lights, and may even be used only once. And with the use of modern computers syncing everything, one person can keep track of a heck of a lot more than a band.

Can you identify all the gear in the video? Tell us your horror stories about your DJ brain farts while spinning!

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