Citronic MINI:MIX2 — 2 channels in your pocket

citronic Mini-Mix-2 4 channel USB mixer

DJs like to travel with an ever-smaller arsenal. But they also like more bells and whistles, and combining these two opposing ideas is no easy task. But Citronic (a name I haven’t heard in a while) has brought out the MINI:MIX2, a tiny 2 channel mixer to the market, and those channels are switchable to USB as well.

Words from Citronic:

Manchester, 17 October 2013

The MINI:MIX2 is a small format DJ mixer with 2 integral USB audio devices. Simple plug and play via the USB makes setting up extremely easy. Each USB connection acts as both an input and output device, with RCA inputs on each channel. This mixer can play from a variety of music sources such as CD players, MP3 players etc. The 6.3mm microphone jack input has its own channel with a volume control slider. Easy to transport and use, this mixer can serve as the main station for laptop DJ and podcast setups.

  • Powered by Channel A USB bus
  • 4 x RCA inputs, 2 x USB in/out, Mic in
  • 6.3mm or 3.5mm headphone jack for monitoring
  • 6.3mm jack microphone input with separate slider for volume
  • Channel and master volume sliders
  • 2 x RCA output (master/record)
  • We recommend Audacity® freeware for use when recording with this product
  • Compatible with Windows: 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X

SSP: £69.99

Look, I know it’s not sexy like a Rane or Pioneer, but it’s kind of thing that a lot of you will wish you had lying around for… well all kinds of moments actually. And at just £70, it’s cheap enough for most to have ready just those moments.