I have absolutely no idea why I’m awake at 03:58 on a Monday morning. But while I wait for my body clock to kick in and demand that I go back to bed, I perused the internet (well done Vekked for winning DMC), and stumbled across an image that really got my heart beating that little bit faster, something that really isn’t a good thing when I’m trying to get back to the land of nod.

You see, I saw this picture of something I’ve been hoping to see for the best part of a decade. The 7″ Portable Scratcher is a concept device that taps into the current trend for gluing a Raiden or Frisk Fader in a box onto a portable turntable like the discontinued Vestax Handy Trax or Numark PT-01. Such amalgamations clearly work, but look to be an inelegant solution compared to a unit designed with the express purpose of scratching 45s.

You can hide, but I have a sneaky suspicion who is behind the poster…

At this ungodly time, I know nothing more that what you see on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve put a request in for more info, but given that the mysterious inventor was at the DMC finals, I would imagine that unlike me, they’re safely tucked up in bed. More when I have it.