DJ requests via text with RequestNow

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For some DJs, it is the fuel that drives them, and for others it’s the thing that drives them to despair. DJ Requests can be a blessing and a curse at the same time, but all DJs at some point have taken them, but all manner of methods. But RequestNow aims to make that process simple, without having to step away from the decks, or deal with hardcore drunks wanting U2 during your Hip Hop gig (true story). It’s all done via the wonder full medium of texting.

RequestNow is essentially a direct link from the punter to the booth, without having to interact directly with the great unwashed spoiling your flow. The basic premise is this — in RequestNow you set up an event, publish a phone number and people can simply text you their requests. Hardly rocket science, but the clever part comes in trying to decipher the requests. Built in to RequestNow is a parsing engine that will attempt to match sparse texts to actual songs. It’ll have no trouble with “umbrella by rihanna”, or indeed handle some spelling mistakes along the way. It might however struggle with “Yesterday” unless you qualify it with an artist, especially as there are a documented 2500 versions.

And it’s very much a 2 way thing as well, as RequestNow send back texts to people to confirm their choice, as well properly managing request lists rather than trying not to lose bits of paper. On top of that, you can add your own details to the return texts too, so that your audience is in no doubt who their DJ is.

Aside from making request management a whole lot easier, it does give an immediate air of professionalism to your DJ events, as well as letting the crowd feel like they’re part of the show as well. As a DJ, it could also make you feel like a jukebox of course, but I guess you’ll already have taken that into consideration if you’re even looking at this.

Details are here, and pricing plans are here.

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