Frisk Fader – the iPhone pocket fader

The evolution of iPhone and iPad DJing continues. Having seem Numark entomb an iPad inside the belly of the iDJ Pro, I’ve been pondering how this can be scaled down into a more compact format, and asked someone to prototype for me. In the meantime, this just popped up in my Twitter feed courtesy of DJ Neil Armstrong. A nice piece of lateral thinking from DJ Dragon sees the Frisk Fader daisy chained onto the headphone port for one deck scratching.

frisk fader iPhone iOS scratch DJ

Digging around the net and trying (and failing badly) to make sense of Japanese, it seems that there is a standalone version on a keyring, as well as cased versions for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. There also seems to be different versions for iOS split output and regular 2 channel (which I assume is for pre-iOS6 users). In theory however, the keyring version should be usable with any device with a headphone socket – a larger tablet for example.

The key ring is obviously cool and compact, but the case version makes the most sense from a stability perspective. I certainly wouldn’t be expecting DMC level performance from any of them though – I see this as strictly for fun. But one idea that I kicked around ages ago was ditching the tiny jog wheel style display for scratching and using a linear track style one. In this instance, given the cramped space used to display a whole deck, you might get much better response from simply moving your finger back and forth over the full length of the display rather than trying to turn a 2″ wheel.

frisk fader iPhone iOS scratch DJ

The prices seem to be 4000 yen (around £28/$45) for any version, and the key ring versions comes in a variety of colours. The one above is a special edition that obviously appeals to me the most.

Numark IDJ Pro iOS iPad DJ Controller (4)

BTW remember this fun image from my iDJ Pro review back in September? Seems we were thinking on the same track. ;)

  • Liam Deluchi

    hmmmm maybe all the iPhone and iPad stuff is going abit far now

    • Mark Settle

      On the contrary Liam – it hasn’t gone far enough. Still some way to go in my opinion, but it’s getting there.

  • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

    “Its just a bit of fun”

    I hope the narrow viewed try there very hardest to digest that before they start having a touchscreen dj flap.

    Wish I got one for xmas. I totally agree with the thought of ditching the virtual jogs in this scenario, the sooner touch dj apps stop emulating the physical the better! I like the idea of just having a waveform as big as possible scrolling up the screen as if it was on vinyl, plant 2 to 3 fingers screen and away you go.

    • Mark Settle

      I do love djay’s on-screen decks for just mixing. But when it comes down to making a touch screen feel like a physical control, some new thinking has to happen.

      • Robert Waelder

        In order for touchscreen skratching to feel really natural, the screen would have to actually move. Otherwise, you’re just kind of rubbing the screen. That doesn’t feel natural at all and is counterintuitive to the way that most skratch DJs operate. Maybe when more sophisticated tactile feedback screens are available they could at least emulate that feel… til then, not practical at all for skratching in my opinion.

  • Jeffrey Roekens

    This is awesome if you want to practice scratching on your comute or at work or school.

  • Craig Reeves

    If you’re looking for an iOS app that gives you a linear scratching surface, give Traxpad by Joel Pryde a look.

  • John Shersby

    And who knows, maybe Android will eventually join the party once they sort out a better low latency audio API…

    Totally agree on the “virtual deck” thing – why try and pretend you’re something you’re not? I quite like the idea of a basic app on my Samsung S2, but the apps tend to be of a “virtual turntable” style. Given android’s audio limitations, and the size of the touchscreen, something more like a “virtual Denon DN-2000″ would be more suitable, and make a great standby app in case of gig rig failure! No silly scratch decks, filters and EQ etc, just a play button, a cue button, some way of scrubbing through the track, and maybe a pitch fader and pitchbend buttons as well. Left deck through the left headphone channel, right deck through the right. As the meerkats would say, simples.

    • jprime

      Can`t wait for Android DJ stuff. So done with ios.

  • Morris Webb

    how cool is that! :D

  • DirtyNerd

    I have no scratching skills :-(

  • Scooter Jackson

    Lil bit of velcro on the bottom connecting to a velcro strap or some velcro on the top of a thin plate with small suction cups underneath would keep that thing firmly planted just about anywhere. WANT!

  • Oscar Townsley

    what a pointless piece of kit…

    • Sprockit

      I’d disagree. I’m not making the iOS jump anytime soon, but I’ve seen people have success with it live. Hardware peripherals certainly make performing with an iPad / iPhone easier. Think the upside of a kit like this lies in retained portability and tactile control.

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  • The_KLH

    Hey Mark, remember that single deck CD and crossfader kit that someone made a LONG time ago (before the NS7)? I remember that you were playing with it – basically as a toy – and thought that it made a great “practice scratch pad” that could be used to keep your skills up while you were away from your real TT setup. I just spent 30m trying to find the article and can’t find it. Anyway, my drawn out point is that it’s ironic that we’re rediscovering the need for a micro setup for fun. We DO need more seemingly nonsensical gizmos (get it?) like that. That’s how inspiration hits. Bring it.

  • steve brown

    build it into a case, and then you have something :) great product either way. Duuuude I want !!!!

  • jprime

    Even just to have this in my pocket to practice crabbin in lineups would be ace…

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  • Chris Wanyutu

    Might neva use it

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  • Jon Glover DJ


  • Ben

    its not for sale, but instructions on how to make it are here: (Japanese)

  • Deej Kurosaki Kiryu

    WANT~~~can use it at samsung phone??by the way how much??

  • heartyparty

    Had my frisk fader order confirmation and now eagerly and curiously awaiting delivery. Will be trying to use it on android and looking at splitting the signal out to the speaker so I can use it over tracks. Interesting!

    • Tikal Ripken

      Where did you order it from?

      • heartyparty Google translate did a decent enough job to get me through :)

        • stewy

          I ordered mine 24 july but have had nothing . i have checked the Link where I bought it from and it has gone. Im worried its a con.

          • heartyparty

            Yeah. Up until yesterday the faderlab site was live as I’ve been checking for any updates on it. I’ll be firing out am email to see what’s up. I paid via PayPal so if in doubt will open a dispute. Fingers crossed he’s just forgotten to pay his hosting subscription! Did you get your confirmation email after paying?

            • stewy

              I had an email a weel after i paid saying he got the money and to Wait for it to arrive but nothing as of a week ago so i sent email after email . finally he responded with sorry its made to order and to wait a little longer. So i have and still nothing so i emailed again today to 2 different emails for him asking whats happening. Nothing back as yet. Hope you have more luck.

              • heartyparty

                Message on the Facebook page for faderlab a few days ago which once translated reads…. “gonna to ship about 50 somehow during the week! ! I’m sorry people you have kept you waiting.

                I’m sorry to not be even reply.

                Since crushed 1 – 2 days and begins to reply, it is dedicated to those who make (;’Д`A”

                Fingers crossed. Website could be down so that backlog of orders can be caught up with – i’ve had that with stuff from china before….

                • stewy

                  Lets hope so. Ill keep you updated if and when i get mine .

                  • heartyparty

                    Cool. Yeah I have had a mail too saying he’s working on the order and will send tracking number once shipped. Hope they are worth the wait! :) will need to find a decent android app to use with it.

                    • ZSonic

                      Awesome! I need this bad! please let me know if you can get it to work on your droid. I have a droid also, and I don’t know much about phones, but I do know that I need to skratch all the time! cheers!

                  • heartyparty

                    Got my tracking number today after they posted a facebook message a couple of days ago saying they were delayed as they wanted to take the time to make a good product and would offer refunds if anyone wanted one. Glad I held off and will be really interested to see how it goes when it gets here :-)

                  • heartyparty

                    Received my fader today in the post. It is actually smaller than I thought, but a good size – pretty lightweight and plasticky but I wasn’t expecting a portable innofader for the proce I suppose. Been playing about with it plugged into my phone and laptop – it is pretty good fun – could certainly be used when out and about to firm up those finger techniques – now to get a splitter cable so i can scratch over beats……

                    • stewy

                      Got ours today ao alls good :-)

                • stewy

                  I had an email today saying sorry for delay and it will be sent out very soon.he says he been flooded with orders.

          • heartyparty

            Check faderlab on Facebook. There have been pretty recent posts there. May just be running with a backlog.

  • Mr Wilks

    Hmmmm… as our lass is Japanese (and a translator) I dare say I’ll get her to have a look at this and tell me all about it! (It helps she does a spot of DJing too).

  • Freshjay

    I want buy a frisk fader. How can i do this. Im from germanY.

  • MrHotPickles

    I want a single fader for mixing. Sort of like Logic Remote, but for iPhone and only one fader, a pan knob, maybe sends. Somebody write that for me, willya? I’ll pay you 99 cents.