Denon DJ MC2000 – now with added bag

Denon DJ MC2000 DJ Controller Bag

One thing I forgot to post when the start of Q3 new product release goldrush exploded was a bag for Denon’s diminutive entry level MC2000 controller offering.

Instead of a cavernous hand baggage unfriendly one, this takes the MC2000, a laptop… and not much else. As Denon users appear to be ‘Denon DJ 4 lyfe’ or some similar epithet, you’ll be able to rock this Denon logo emblazoned bag for £50/€69.

There’s not much more verbiage to wring out of this story. All I can say is that I like the blue padding. That is all. Move along. Oh yeah – I bet the Pioneer WeGO doesn’t have a bag. But now I’ve said that, it probably will do. And it’ll have to come in 5 colours too.