Xone:DB4/2 FX overload? Let Allen & Heath show you how

Xone:DB4/2 FX overload? Let Allen & Heath show you how

There’s no denying that Allen & Heath’s xone:DB4 and DB2 are ridiculously over endowed in the effects department. And so they should be – I wouldn’t expect anything less from the world’s most respect mixer company. But they can be a wee bit intimidating, especially for those not that well versed in such things. So A&H want to help you with that, and also properly show off just what these stunning mixers can actually do.

Best plan – get a good DJ, a mixer, some cameras and make videos. So they’ve hooked up with Mark EG, and after making him burn under hot lights with a lens up his nose, together they’ve made some clips to show you just how lovely the high end xone:DB mixers really are, and importantly how to use them properly.

Here’s the words:

We have just recorded a series of Xone:DB4/DB2 FX Overview & Demonstration Videos with DJ and producer, Mark EG: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3F6FBE9C64355B2D

Mark has a unique and original approach to music and his fifteen year reign at the very top of the UK musical movement has seen this critically acclaimed DJ, music producer and all-round enthusiast lead the way when it comes to smashing down the barriers of sound.

The videos are essential viewing for anyone wanting to understand how to use the FX and incorporate them into their individual sound.

Offering an insight into the five main FX types and different FX variants, Mark covers:

  • Delays (DLY) Masif-Q, PingPong
  • Reverbs (VRB) HallMasif, Room Big, Plt Gold, NxtDoor
  • Resonators (RES) Reverse, Tronic
  • Modulators (MOD) Flnge Hrd, Phase D12, Ring Mod
  • Damage (DMG) Distortion, Overdrive, BitBash, Fundmentl, Dicer, Slice’nDice, Stutter

Most of the principles Mark demonstrates with the Xone:DB4 also apply to the Xone:DB2 mixer alongside some general useful tips and advice for DJs wanting to use FX in their mixes.

Users can download a ZIP file containing the loops used in the videos from the Xone Blog http://xoneblog.allen-heath.com/?p=735 for experimenting with the FX on the Xone:DB mixers. Additionally our Sound Cloudhttp://soundcloud.com/allenandheathxone features Xone:DB FX mixes from DJs spanning many genres.

WARNING: Watching these videos will make you want to empty your bank accounts and max out your credit cards. I wanted a DB4 just from watching the delays clip.