While concurrently developing Traktor DJ 2, Native Instruments is pushing forward with the development of their current flagship Traktor Pro 3 with a handful of long awaited features via the release of Traktor Pro 3.1. And by long awaited I mean that the community has been screaming for some of them for literally years.

Here’s the nicely compact list of updates:

TRAKTOR 3.1 sees the introduction of parallel waveforms – a feature that’s long been requested by the community. These work for both track and Stem Decks, and support up to four decks at a time.

For preparing tracks and sets, users can now use the entire screen to view a single deck, and insert Hotcues, loops, or make adjustments to the beatgrid.

As always, we’ve ironed out any creases and further improved the stability of TRAKTOR PRO 3. Overmapping is now available for the D2 and S8.

We’ve updated the firmware for the S4, so it now works as a standalone mixer without a laptop connected. The Mixer FX knob doubles up as a silky smooth filter – so users can hook up some turntables for a back-to-wax mix session.


The way waveforms are handled in the assorted apps has in part defined its user base. At times it has felt like the Lilliput/Blefuscu pointless egg war in Gulliver’s Travels. I’ve read threads where opposing sides will vehemently defend their choice of horizontal or vertical waveforms, rather than admit that either way is just fine, and that choice is good.

So it’s great to see Traktor Pro 3.1 get a huge overhaul in this area, and to pull down the arbitrary walls that divided software for too long. And it’s also great to see a single deck view finally added too. The Traktor interface has always put me off becoming a regular user, so these changes make me very happy indeed, and the addition of mixer mode may well help the Kontrol S4 MK3 appeal to a large audience.



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