Want to learn production? Oh Drat has the course for you

Want to learn production? Oh Drat has the course for you

Production is a hot topic right now. It’s no longer enough to just play other people’s music – you increasingly need to be able to make it too. But where do you start? Oh Drat is the answer. Our very own Chris Cartledge is not only a demon on the wheels, but is pretty good on the desk too. And he’s put his considerable knowledge into an online course that’ll give you a solid grounding in the often arcane ways of music making.

Over to Chris for the lowdown:

Hi all, Chris here, trying to sell you somethi – no, wait, don’t run away! Savvy DJs may well have seen me on various publications over the years, and whilst it’s lovely to be able to call DJWORX my second home, my own site Oh Drat is my heart and soul. OD is a music production site, and we’re focused on providing musicians and producers with guidance, tutorials, reviews and more besides to help make the world a better place and all that good stuff.

I’m really proud to be able to present OD Total Music Production, a 12 hour video course that will take you from complete beginner to expert level in the studio, and teach you every important feature of Digital Audio Workstations, instruments, and effects to make amazing music.

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Better yet it’s on special offer right now, with a 20% discount bringing the price down to $61 from the usual $77 until the 20th of August! When pricing we weighed up a bunch of things to try to figure out what we could and should charge. Firstly, developing OD Total Music Production took around four months of full time work – really. Secondly, we looked at what other people were charging and I was really shocked to see how many appallingly low quality ebooks and borderline scam ‘you’ll have A&Rs eating out of your hand in days!’ software deals there are, and I knew I had to price low enough to stop people being tempted by them and their lies. Finally I looked at how much the ‘big guys’ cost, and when I’d picked my jaw off the floor I weighed that up against my long time philosophy when teaching in schools, colleges, youth centres, university social clubs and so on, and decided that the beauty of the internet is that a global audience gives us the power to charge an absolutely knockout price.

You don’t need any prior experience or even any gear other than your computer and something to hear the sounds it makes – and being DJs presumably you’ve got that covered – and we base the course around a master list of instruments and effects that you can download absolutely free and Reaper, an amazing pro DAW that you can download and use fully functionally for a month or equivalent to a month in time spent (Cockos, the developers, rely on your honesty – how refreshing!) before buying a licence for just $60 so that you can follow along with everything we do together immediately after purchase without spending another penny.

So, ladies and gentlemen (although predominantly gentlemen aged 16-35, if my recent soul destroying market research is anything to go by), I hope you can forgive me reeling off a sales pitch. Making music is really fun, and with the ‘DJ slash producer’ being the current flavour of the month it’s possible that it’s kind of a needed facet for live electronic music nowadays. I hope I’ve built up enough good will with regulars to this internet journalism thing over the years to earn your trust, and to those of you who haven’t the foggiest idea who I am, hopefully the mere fact that Mark is allowing me to comandeer the hallowed pages of DJWorx will be enough to cosign me. There’s a lot of hope in this paragraph.

Thanks guys.

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That’s $61 or just under £50 to get a solid grounding in production. I’m doing it for sure. I’d better get a certificate or a belt or something.