AlphaTheta Pioneer Rotary Mixer

Pioneer have announced the release from its AlphaTheta brand of a professional rotary mixer named the euphonia. Notably it is Serato DVS as well as Rekordbox ready out of the box. It comes with 5 built-in spatial effects and a high-pass filter – Delay, Tape Echo, Echo Verb, Reverb, Shimmer, and HPF (high-pass filter). Also a Send/Return section where you the option to connect external effects units

Price at launch £3,249 = $4,163

The all-new 4-channel euphonia provides a euphoric musical experience that combines the clarity of digital and the richness of analog. This holy grail of sound characteristics is made possible by the high-resolution wide-ranging sound design and the inclusion of an analog transformer circuit, co-developed with Rupert Neve Designs, which enhances harmonics in your music to create an energetic and polished sound that enables smooth mixing.

Pioneer press release

Read the official euphonia site. This is the 2nd rotary release recently following the Headliner from NAMM. We are looking forward to getting a closer look at this, it looks lovely. We’ll be able to blend like legendary New York DJs of the 80s and 90s who love a rotary mixer. Watch the official video below.


Stand out features of the euphonia

  • The euphonia comes with 32-bit A/D and D/A converters as well as 96kHz/64bit floating point mixing processing operations in the DSP.
  • You’ll notice a difference in the feel of the knobs when you turn them at different speeds, as a smooth load is applied when you turn a knob slowly for delicate fine-tuning and a limited load level is applied when you turn a knob quickly to instantly reach your intended volume level.
  • euphonia’s uniquely developed Mix Level Meter features a needle meter for each channel so you can visually check the levels for all channels and mix smoothly while keeping the groove going.
  • You can even keep an eye on the balance of the master output by looking at the Spectrum Analyzer.
  • The size of the isolator knobs is perfect for rapid turns from center to maximum or minimum, and the torque load is perfectly balanced for both quick operation and fine sound quality adjustment, with a luxurious feel that’s not too light.
  • The cut-off frequency and slope are set to control and highlight the kick, melody, and rhythm bands in a natural yet sharp manner.
  • Add one of the built-in Send Effects, or an effect from an external unit, to the sound of any of the master isolator frequency bands.
  • Press the Boost Send button for the low, mid, or high and, as you turn the isolator knob, the effect will be applied to that band.
  • Pick the Boost Level setting that suits your playing style and the volume level of each frequency band will be increased by the relevant amount.
  • Choose +12dB for dynamic performances, +6dB for sound quality adjustments, and 0dB for reverb effects without any volume boost.
  • The euphonia weighs 21 lbs – lighter than the A9 (30 lbs) and V10 (37 lbs). But it is still a hefty weight
  • Inputs – 4x digital ins (coaxial), 4x line ins (RCA), 4x phono ins (RCA), and a Mic in (XLR & 1/4″ TRS jack)
  • Outputs – 1 each of the Master, Booth, and Recording outputs, as well as two headphone jacks (a 1/4″ and a 3.5mm)

Are you going to buy the euphonia? It’s more expensive than a DJM-V10 so let us know if you are planning to in the comments below