The Wild Style Breakbeats 7″ vinyl box set. WANT.

Wild Style Breakbeats Kenny Dope 7" Vinyl (1)

After a week of gear frenzy, please allow me a little self-indulgence and an excuse to talk DJ history. Wild Style is a seminal film from 1983 (technically made in 82 though) that captures the spirit of a particular time in Hip Hop history. In my collection, I have the original vinyl (framed on the worxlab wall), the original UK VHS release, a couple of DVD releases, and a book. But now an incredibly desirable 7″ vinyl box set courtesy of Kenny Dope is available for pre-order.

Coming from Kay Dee Records (Kenny Dope’s label), there are a few words:

KAY-DEE RECORDS, the online store and label owned and operated by Kenny Dope, takes things to the next level with the debut of its “Book Series.” Kenny’s vision for Kay-Dee’s first book was to create a premium set with a mix of well-known and never-before-seen “Wild Style” photos, in addition to liner notes detailing the stories behind the music of one of his favorite films. Teaming up with GET ON DOWN, the record label and online boutique dedicated to presenting and celebrating music with unique packaging and exclusive extras, the two have come together to release this impressive and historically-significant musical trophy item: 

The Wild Style Breakbeats

The book features the following elements:

  • 13 songs total, spread out over seven “big hole” 45s (each with a different label color)
  • Re-EQed audio with re-edited / extended audio versions of each song, modified from original source tapes
  • Extensive liner notes in a 28-page book, including dozens of images – from “Wild Style” director Charlie Ahearn, among other sources – as well as interviews with Fab 5 Freddy, Chris Stein and GrandWizzard Theodore
  • The 14th side (the B-side of the seventh 45) features unique etchings with different “Wild Style” graphics
  • Unique “Kay-Dee Casebook” packaging – all seven 7-inches fit into a book as self-contained pages

Wild Style Breakbeats Kenny Dope 7" Vinyl (2)

This is awesome, and I want it bad. I want two copies. Actually, I want three copies — two to mess with and one to keep safe. If you’re so inclined, be it as an old school head, a collector, or indeed both, you can pre-order yours from Kay Dee records for $70. I guess I’ll be getting just one and keeping it nice and clean then. The question is do I put it with my records or my books? Maybe two copies then…

Here’s the famous scene with Grandmaster Flash in the kitchen. And this is the original Mardi Gras audio too.