Viny’ Lourd Son’s fretless Scratchocaster

[youtube ID=”4QlJyF42yKk”]

Check out this DMC Online battle entry from Viny’ Lourd Son. At first it seems to be just like any other entry, but then he swings the great lump of gear round his neck front and centre. And the next thing you know, his mixer/turntable/guitar creation is scratching along to the beat. Behold, another turntablist modding gear into something that it wasn’t supposed to be — presenting the Scratchocaster.

vestax stc-v1 scratch guitar turntableThe isn’t new — Vestax presented the STC-V1 a full decade ago, but beyond one sale (I believe to a hair metaller in the US), it never went anywhere beyond prototype. And clever types like Thierry Alari have brought out things like the Scratchophone, and Kodh’s SCRxTCH comes to mind too. But I think this is the first time since Vestax that the guitar format has been used for creating a scratch instrument.

Looking at the comments in the top video, this is made from a Rane 56 and a PDX-3000. And given the sheer volumes of ins and outs plugged in, I’m guessing that a DVS is hooked up too. The fretless element is in the neck via the fader attached to a very long slider, and I suspect that this is controlling platter speed via the PDX’s built-in MIDI. I’m sure Viny’ Lourd Son will give us a full breakdown in due course.

viny lourd son scratchocaster

If you want to vote for Viny’ Lourd Son in the DMC online battle, do so here. You’ll need to register first though.

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