Mixfader — the wireless crossfader for mobile devices

For whatever reason, despite being available for iOS, Android, AND Windows Mobile, the EDJing app has never captured my attention. But that’s just changed dramatically with the above video. Having covered the standalone Frisk Fader and Raiden Fader seen at NAMM, the new Mixfader takes things a step further and makes the whole unit completely wireless.

edjing mixfader wireless bluetooth crossfader
Oh how I wish that the Mixfader really lights up when it comes out.

Obviously having no wires means that you don’t have to worry about splitters or audio interfaces — this is wireless, something that should suggest latency, but the video shows latency-testing chirps being done flawlessly. In fact, with my eyes closed, I’d be pushed to tell that it was an iPad without knowing first.

No word on price or how this is powered, but The Next Web reports that it will be available in Autumn. That’s a full six months to wait. So feel free to order that Raiden Fader in the meantime.

Source: The Next Web