Kypski’s Wreck Fader video and DJ game

Die hard DJWORXers will remember Kypski. He’s a highly skilled and respected dutch turntablist responsible for boundary pushing vinyl releases like the Mazturbation Tool and in particular The Clocktave, products that made the practice of scratching regular sounds into a more structured musical endeavour, which would explain the highly desirable Vestax Controller One in the video. Well Kypski is still around and has hooked up with D-Styles for the “Wreck Fader” video.

kypski wreck fader game

Not only that — Kypski has written a game to go with it. I’ll defer to resident games expert Dan Morse on this one, but Wreck Fader is a sort of Wipeout meets Guitar Hero where you (and by you I mean a Shure 447 cart in a Technics headshell) make your way around a churn inducing vinylesque grooved track, collecting stuff and avoiding other stuff. It’s free at the App Store and on Google Play too.

The Clocktave is still available digitally via the Thud Rumble store. Have a great weekend!