Vidibox – audio and video mashup for your iPad

Video has been on a very slow simmer for a several years in the DJ world. But we’ve detected an upswing in interest in recent times, with the iPad getting some attention from the likes of algoriddim’s vjay app. A new player in this area is vidibox, an iPad app that lets you play with video in realtime via the interactive touch interface of the iPad.

Details are thin on the ground right now, and the above video doesn’t give a great deal away. But I pulled these bullet points from the vidibox website:

  • Transparent drum pad interface
  • Drag and drop media import and arranging
  • Easy and fast editing and trimming
  • Separate audio and video import and editing
  • Play up to 16 tracks simultaneously
  • Audio and video FX bank
  • Hold, trigger or loop media
  • External screen support to display projects
  • Record videos of your performance
  • Share your projects using Dropbox, email or AirDrop
  • Audiobus support
  • MIDI in/out support via CoreMidi

vidibox ipad video mashup

What is vidibox?

Extracting the relevant points – vidibox operates as a 4×4 pad and lets you drop audio and video into those pads with effects and loops, along with MIDI in and out allowing support for external controllers and displays. This being the case, being able to use vidibox with an external controller with pads is an engaging workflow. I’ve yet to see any traditional DJ controls so I can’t really comment on how easy it’ll be to change pitch or even sync.

While this is just a teaser, the proposed launch is April 8th. I for one am looking forward to having a play. Instead of trying to apply DJ logic to using video, Vidibox looks to bring something different to the scene. And using the iPad as the platform makes vidibox just that little bit more interesting.