Apologies — I’ve been busy and my mail is acting up, so this update passed me by. But it seems that Traktor Pro 3 has now edged a notch further. V3.2 dubbed the “harmonic mixing update” sees DJ Chris Liebing talk about the improvements in using key mixing with Traktor Pro.

Here’s NI’s words:

“The Harmonic Mixing Update” introduces a series of new features designed to make mixing in key easier. 

Berlin, July 2nd, 2019 – Native Instruments today releases a free update to their flagship DJ software, TRAKTOR PRO 3.

The update is designed to help users mix in key and make their sets more musical – choosing tracks that share compatible keys, and using key changes as a way to creatively program their sets.

To coincide with the release, TRAKTOR have teamed up with Chris Liebing to create a video where he gives his take on harmonic mixing, and take users through what’s new.

Dubbed ‘The Harmonic Mixing Update,” the free update integrates the new Elastique 3.3 keylock algorithm for sharper transients and more presence when pitching up or down.

There’s also a new dedicated control for pitching up or down by semitones, with an integrated display of the resulting key.

The update means DJs can much more easily extend the range of tracks that match harmonically.

Tracks which match the track on the master deck are now highlighted in the browser section, meaning it’s much faster and easier to mix in key.

The update also sees a +6dB boost to the headphone output on the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 across the entire range of the Cue Mix.

TRAKTOR PRO 3.2 is available to all TRAKTOR PRO 3 users, and can be installed via Native Access.

More Information

A full list of changes can be found here.

Traktor isn’t my bag. So I deferred to Dan who is somewhat deeply invested in the ecosystem. I asked the above question in our Slack channel.

“Less obvious” was the response. So this update is definitely about giving you the tools you need to make harmonic mixing… more obvious. The updated Elastique algorithm is obviously going to make things sound more accurate as you shift keys up and down, but also having the necessary tools at hand is going to make your DJ life easier and offer more flexibility in your mixing. The colour coding of keys appeals to my design roots too.

Sorry for the brevity. I do however urge you to check out the full change log on the NI site to get the complete picture. The update is available for free in Native Access.