Uli Behringer: Get your questions in 3

While NAMM is an event usually associated with serious scoops of fresh gear announcements that are usually met with polarised epic fail/WOOT comments from the gear hungry masses, there was one announcement that was missed by many, but for me was as huge as any lump of new shiny. Behringer unveiled a new warranty – a full 3 years on everything that they make.

Given the brand perception that the market has of the German giant, offering such an industry leading warranty started ringing bells in my head. I was asking myself “If their stuff is so allegedly poor, how can they do this with any credibility? What’s the catch?”.

Seems to me that the best approach is to ask the man who started it all off. Uli Behringer is the man at the top and is in a bullish mood, one that sees him positively gagging to answer questions about his company and its market perception. I have my own set of questions to ask, and I for one won’t be shying away from extracting answers designed to make him confront the stickier side of Behringer’s brand perception.

But it seems like an ideal opportunity to get some interaction between Uli and his customers. So I’m opening up the floor to you lot, so that you can ask the questions you always wanted answers to. I’m looking for 10 intelligent questions, ones that you would reasonably expect answers to. But I do stress the word intelligent. If for example you plan to ask “why is your stuff so shit?’ or similar, I won’t even present them. But if you ask “what do you feel leads to the poor perception of Behringer quality?”, then it’s more likely to coax a response, albeit a reluctant one.

This isn’t supposed to be an ego massage for Uli – he’s aware of the shortcomings and wants to address some of those thorny issues, but also wants to show how things are changing for the better. So please get those questions in. You have one week.

On a side note, this is the first of a new series of interviews, where we’ll be getting intimate with the people behind the gear that you crave.  Uli is first – I wonder who I’ll pick on next?


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