Denon DJ… 29… teaser ahoy (Video)

I love a well done teaser. And this particular one not only teases hard, but engages the eyes and ears. Denon DJ are raising their game big time, and have invested serious resource into their product development and marketing. So what is 29 all about?

As is customary, I’ve broken this clip down all CSI style – frame by HD frame photoshopping, tweaking curves to try and pull out detail that they thought was hidden. But there’s nothing – not a button, light or fader other than what your brain can extrapolate from watching the video. Clearly my previous smart arse photosleuth skills have made video makers raise their game. Bugger.

But it doesn’t take a genius to work out what 29 is likely to be, especially if you trawl the DJnetz like many of us do. I have seen one in perhaps the most bizarre of circumstances, something that I can share with you at a later date. Don’t worry though, this isn’t some long winded month long teasefest that eventually lapses into boredom – all will become clear quite quickly.

So speculate away. And if you actually do know, don’t spoil it for everyone.

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