The Office Turntable — the best promo mailer ever

[youtube id=”PCS5wgZWzE4″]

The internet has induced a real attention deficit disorder across society, and grabbing the ear and eye has to be achieved in nanoseconds if your endeavours are to succeed. And realising that demo CDs are often treated like spam, Kontor Records needed a way to promote a new track from Boris Dlougosch, thus kicked it old school, with a generous lump of new school to create the coolest mailer you have ever seen. I would be very happy to get The Office Turntable every damned day.

Kontor Records Office turntable vinyl

This is pretty ingenious — knowing that almost nobody has a real turntable in the office anymore, the mailer folds out to be a 2D Technics turntable, complete with neon orange vinyl, and is activated by scanning a QR code on just about any smartphone.

I’m assuming that this is reusable, and that a new QR code will be needed, otherwise it’s a one time use thing. Obviously this isn’t sustainable in the long term, but is a very smart way to immediately grab attention. If anyone has one of these, I’d love to get one for my collection. I’ve got a bit of an orange vinyl fetish right now. I might decorate a whole wall with them.