When we hear the name Roland, we immediately think of the instruments that defined modern electronic music. And this continued when Roland and Serato bred the DJ-202, 505, and 808 controllers. They paid homage to their roots. to some degree. But here we have a different animal, one that caters for a huge sector of the DJ market, without focussing on cowbells or rimshots. You see, the new DJ-707M is… can you guess? Yes, M is for mobile.

Roland’s New DJ-707M DJ Controller Balances Functionality and Portability for Mobile DJs Who Demand Great Sound and Reliability

Part Live Sound Console, Loudspeaker Management System, and Four Channel, Four-Deck Serato DJ Pro Controller, the DJ-707M Offers Working Mobile DJs a Compact, All-In-One Event Audio Solution

Hamamatsu, Japan, August 14, 2019 — Roland, a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments and professional video products, announces the DJ-707M DJ Controller — a four-channel, four-deck Serato DJ Pro controller engineered for the perfect balance of functionality and portability. DJs searching for more than song mixing now have tools to manage complex event audio requirements, all-in-one with the powerful benefits of a portable live sound audio console, loudspeaker management system, and fully-fledged performance DJ controller.

Designed in consultation with leading event DJs, the DJ-707M is built to efficiently manage the wide- ranging needs of mobile DJs. The compact controller packs more specifications than larger, bulky controllers and the reinforced internal and external metal parts ensure it can withstand life on the road. Plus, its compact size allows it to sit between turntables and DJ media players, and it is DVS Upgrade ready for component DJ set-ups.

DJ-707M’s built-in 24-bit/48 kHz audio interface and high-end Roland D/A conversion for Master, Booth, and Zone outputs — loudspeaker management that includes separate 4-Band output EQ, multiband compressor and limiter on each — ensure working DJs deliver loud, clean sound. Built-in automatic feedback suppression listens for and anticipates feedback, adjusting speaker output automatically to prevent disruptions. Each assignable output’s separate EQ, multiband compressor, and limiter output settings can also be saved and recalled with 10 Scene Presets.

The DJ-707M features seven inputs, including front mounted auxiliary inputs to easily connect instruments from guest musicians or two additional microphones. Built with the DNA of a professional audio console, the DJ-707M features two studio-quality XLR microphone inputs. Each channel also has its own gain, low-cut switch, and noise gate, plus effects from reverbs and delays to key-based auto-pitching and auto-ducking. Dual USB inputs allow up to two instances of Serato to be run on separate computers, creating seamless transitions between DJs or backup rigs. Its USB input can also be used to connect an iOS device for music playback.

Dedicated Serato DJ Pro controls allow for creation and triggering of hot cues, loops, effects, drum patterns, and samples, plus switching between four Serato decks. Roland’s hardware effects can be assigned individually to the dedicated hardware Filter/FX knob to finesse blends or accentuate scratches. DJ-707M’s standalone mixer allows computer-free performance using CDJs, turntables, mics, and more.

Driven by the sound of Roland’s TR-909 and TR-808 drum machines, the DJ-707M also contains launchable preset rhythms for adding punch to classic tracks, crafting transitions, or creating accompaniment for instrumentalists. Other on-board OSC sound effects include sweepers and synth stabs.

To learn more, visit Roland.com.

This however is a rather more comprehensive list of features taken from the Westend DJ product page:

The Roland DJ-707M is an all-in-one 4-channel DJ Controller solution for mobile DJs. The unit is portable yet packed with features including onboard effects unit, sampler, 4 mic inputs, zone outputs, dual USB ports and much more.

The DJ-707M is an integrated live sound console, loudspeaker management system, and fully fledged performance DJ controller that’s equipped to handle the demanding audio needs of working mobile DJs.

The DJ-707M inherits the DSP of Roland’s digital audio consoles ensuring the loudest, cleanest sound possible – whether it’s with your own PA system or the venue PA. With features like the dual USB ports, and built-in feedback suppression, you can deliver great sound for any event. Plus, extra mic inputs and zone outputs mean you can easily connect guest performers and videographer feeds, and also send different music to another area of the venue with no stress.

Main features of the Roland DJ-707M include:

  • 10 onboard scene presets for creating create ‘go-to’ event settings for audio routing, loudspeaker management and system setups
  • Master, booth, and zone outputs with independent speaker management processors
  • Built-in feedback suppression listens out for feedback adjusting the speaker output automatically
  • Dual USB Ports for seamless DJ changeover or backup laptop connection
  • USB B port also works as a standard USB audio interface
  • Up to 4 inputs for guest performer with front-facing dual 1/4-inch jacks or 1/8-inch stereo aux input
  • Fully assignable zone output with dedicated level control for creating a separate mix for a videographer, sending different music to another area of the venue, or adding a subwoofer
  • The DJ707M is built for life on the road, with rugged, reinforced metal parts both inside and out
  • Ideal size for for DVS – fits perfectly between turntables and DJ media players
  • Serato DVS Upgrade Ready, so you can use it as the ultimate mobile DJ mixer with your component setup
  • Mic section can handle anything from straightforward speeches and announcements to pitch-corrected karaoke throwdowns
  • Studio-quality microphone preamps with independent gain, low-cut, and noise gate on each channel
  • Console-class mic EQ and effects
  • Dedicated hardware effects from clean reverbs and delays to key-based auto-pitching and auto-ducking
  • Up to four mic inputs enough for the whole party to sing along
  • Deep Serato DJ Pro integration with creative tools that you’ll only find on Roland DJ controllers
  • Full Serato DJ Pro support, you can use hot cues, loops, rolls, pitch play, slicer, and more
  • Fully adjustable crossfader with full-range curve settings and software-adjustable crossfader margin
  • Channel filter and FX can be assigned individually to the dedicated Filter/FX knob on each channel, and include Filter, Dub Echo, Jet, Noise, Reverb, Delay, Bit Crush, Phaser, Noise 2, and more
  • Phono/Line Level Inputs – use DJ-707M as a mixer with turntables and CD decks
  • TR-Drums + Onboard Sound Effects
  • 5-Pin MIDI Output – sync with external synths, samplers or lighting rigs
  • TR drum machine on Deck 3, so you can accent your songs with classic TR-808 and 909 drum loops or even provide a backing beat for instrumentalists
  • Oscillator mode on Deck 4 lets you drop sweepers, synth stabs, and other onboard DJ sound effects to spice up a mix

Loudspeaker Management x3

Master, booth, and zone outputs all have independent loudspeaker management settings, including four-band EQ, multiband compression, limiter, and mono mode. It’s like having three speaker management processors built into one unit.


Feedback at a gig is dangerous as it can ruin a special speech or even plague the whole event. Built-in feedback suppression listens out for feedback—and even anticipates it—before adjusting the speaker output automatically.

Dual USB Ports

Connect two computers at once for a backup laptop connection or seamless DJ changeover. The USB B port also works as a standard USB audio interface.

Up to Four Mic Inputs

For flexibility when you need it, the front-facing aux inputs can be used with microphones—just flip the switch to MIC for the correct level and impedance. This gives you a total of four mic inputs, enough for the whole party to sing along!

Serato DJ Pro

With full Serato DJ Pro support, you can use hot cues, loops, rolls, pitch play, slicer, and more. Serato DJ Pro also comes with iZotope audio effects to stylize your sound with simple one-knob control.

Fully Adjustable Crossfader

Work the perfect scratch or smoothest blend using the rugged crossfader with full-range curve settings and software-adjustable crossfader margin.

TR-Drums + Onboard Sound Effects

There’s a Roland TR drum machine tucked away on Deck 3, so you can accent your songs with classic TR-808 and 909 drum loops or even provide a backing beat for instrumentalists. Setting Deck 4 to OSC lets you drop sweepers, synth stabs, and other onboard DJ sound effects to spice up a mix.

Roland Serato DJ Pro DJ-707M mobile DJ controller (2)


My first impression is a weird one. It’s as if Roland hired Denon DJ to make the perfect controller for their mobile DJ customers, but asked them to make it look like an NI product. So they ditched the green highlights to lose the Roland vibe, and if you look at the images, and ignore the logo, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was an S series controller.

Roland Serato DJ Pro DJ-707M mobile DJ controller (4)

But it’s not — it’s definitely Roland and Serato making a mobile DJ focussed controller. Outside of the PR saying that repeatedly, the giveaway is the plethora of ins and outs, and the amount of control you have over them. There’s so many inputs and outputs, especially for microphones, and the man mics have a ridiculous amount of EQs and effects going on. And not only does the DJ-707M have master and booth, they’ve also crammed in a zone output too. And each of them has 4 band EQ, compressor, and limiter presets too. That’s rather nice.

The one thing that really does impress me, and actually shows some real innovation for a change, is the ability to save preset scenes. From the Roland website:

Using the 10 onboard scenes, you can create ‘go-to’ event settings for audio routing, loudspeaker management and system setups—and recall them instantly. Scenes are a huge timesaver for standard event configurations, letting you switch settings for your different speaker systems and recall custom setups for venues where you play regularly.

That’s impressive, and a real boon for mobile DJs that play numerous events regularly, or those who just have preferred setups. Impressive work.

The DJ-707M is a small controller, and does cram an awful lot in. If the Swiss army made a controller, it would be this one. But there are some compromises — the pitch faders are small, as is the jog wheel. But I suspect that the target market isn’t likely to be focussed on DMC level performances, and long Trance style blends. Outside of that, it has everything that a mobile DJ might need, as well as a healthy amount of Roland drum sounds should you feel like banging out an 808 beat in time with office and Christmas party classics.


The entirely mobile focussed DJ-707M controller will be available any day now for $999/£879.



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