Serato DJ Pro 2.3.1 Denon DJ Prime 4 SC5000M Prime

Serato, Prime 4, and SC5000M Prime go primetime

I’ve been staring at a very lonely Denon DJ SC5000M Prime for longer than I care to mention, just waiting for the moment when I can complete my review with the… well Serato calls it “highly anticipated” update, but it’s more in the realm of fabled or mythic update in real terms. But now that update is here, and for the Prime 4 as well. Time to get testing and ticking one more off the list.

Detailed words from Denon DJ first:


PRIME 4, already the ultimate 4-channel standalone DJ Console, is now also the ultimate full-featured 4-channel Serato Controller! With touchscreen navigation and flexible hardware control of all Serato DJ Pro FX, filter and performance features, PRIME 4 is the truly the world’s most versatile DJ console.

Cumberland RI, USA (October 31st, 2019)—Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of premium DJ products and solutions, today announced that it has released Serato controller-mode support for their PRIME 4 4-channel DJ console and also their motorized-platter SC5000M media player. For PRIME 4, this enables DJs to set aside their laptop and take compehensive touchscreen and hardware control of the world’s most popular computer-based DJ software, Serato DJ Pro. The SC5000M motorized standalone media player brings legacy-vinyl based, hands-on control of Serato DJ Pro, again with touchscreen library navigation, deck selection and more.

With full flexibility between standalone performance, Serato controller mode and of course, WiFi streaming capabilities (coming soon), the PRIME 4 and SC5000M make a one-stop-shop, feature-rich DJ experience, unequalled by any other DJ technology available. For DJ gear choices, there really are no other alternatives that bring all these exciting performance elements in one box!

PRIME 4 X Serato DJ Pro Controller Mode features include:

  • Sideline the laptop – browse, navigate and load with the HD touchscreen interface PRIME 4’s 10”, HD multi-touch display becomes the DJ’s window into Serato DJ Pro library navigation, browsing and 4-deck selection
  • Visualize and Control Multiple Serato DJ FX with 8 OLED Displays

Stack up to 3 instances of Serato DJ Pro’s extensive FX selections plus visualize and adjust parameters with the hardware encoders and built-in displays

  • DVS Ready for Traditional Turntables with Serato Control Vinyl

Using Serato DJ’s (optional) ‘Club Kit’, DJs and Turntablists get full, 12” vinyl control over their digital media

  • Expressive hardware control of Serato DJ’s Mixer, Transport and Creative Performance features

Optimal, tactile and easy-access Serato control – from basic DJ playback and mixing, to sound-sculpting and beat-juggling

  • Touchable ‘Dual-View’ options for Serato Library and Decks

Flip PRIME 4’s HD touchscreen to show ‘Standard’ (Serato library and full-sized Decks) or ‘Expanded Library’ view (Serato expanded library with Mini-Decks)

SoundSwitch Support within Serato DJ Pro via Expanded USB Hub capabilities of PRIME 4 Reclaim those critical USB ports and run mobile, club and event lightshows seamlessly within Serato DJ Pro, with SoundSwitch DMX interfaces

SC5000M X Serato DJ Pro Controller Mode features include:

  • Sideline the laptop – browse, navigate and load with the HD touchscreen interface

The SC5000M 7”, HD multi-touch display becomes the DJ’s window into Serato DJ Pro library navigation, browsing and 4-deck selection

  • Touchable ‘Library Areas’ and ‘Sorting’ options for Serato DJ Pro Collections

Single finger-tap exploring of Serato Crates, Tracklists and Prepare folders, plus ‘Sorting’ options by Track, Artist, BPM, Key and Time categories

  • Ultra-High Resolution Platter ‘Scratch’ Response

The SC5000M’s hi/lo torque brushless DC electric motor ensures lightning-fast response to Turntablist and DJ scratch techniques. Serato DJ Pro is controlled with the platter 7” vinyl providing 3,600 MIDI resolution ticks per single rotation

Note: Serato DJ Pro controller mode requires firmware updates:

PRIME 4: v1.3.3

SC5000M: v1.3.2

available via:

Serato DJ Pro v2.3.1 required

“Since its launch and critical acclaim by the DJ media, industry, and end users alike, the PRIME 4 has secured its No.1 position as the most significant standalone DJ technolgy released this decade,” said Paul Dakeyne, Creative Director for Denon DJ. He added, “Now with the Serato control support added, PRIME 4 doubles-up to not only being the most advanced and powerful DJ console available, but the most versatile, feature-rich and now ultimate 4-channel controller for the DJ world’s most popular laptop software, Serato DJ Pro. Add the SC5000M Serato support into the mix, and vinyl lovers and DJ/Turntablists can get equally excited!”

And the words from Serato to complete this missive:

Serato DJ Pro 2.3.1 brings the highly-anticipated support for Denon DJ’s PRIME 4 and SC5000M Prime

Serato is thrilled to deliver an update of Serato DJ Pro 2.3.1 which provides full support for Denon DJs immensely popular PRIME 4 controller, as well as the SC5000M Prime media player, as an Official Serato Accessory.

The PRIME 4 is a 4-channel controller that unlocks Serato DJ Pro, with a 10-inch touch display and Dedicated Zone Output. This all-in-one unit allows any user to bring a mainstage level performance to any venue, allowing the pinnacle of control, capability, and performance.

The SC5000M Prime is the world’s only professional DJ media player with a 7” motorized platter that delivers a true, mechanical spin beneath your fingertips. This unit is perfectly suited for DJs wanting motorized control on a media player, which boasts ultra-high-resolution platter response and authentic vinyl experience, in both a live performance and studio environment.

“We are thrilled to be able to deliver Serato DJ Pro’s support for two incredible pieces of DJ hardware from Denon DJs Prime series” says Chief Strategy Officer Nick Mclaren. “Our software’s support for this hardware has been much awaited, and we can’t wait to see it being used out in the wild.”

Denon DJ PRIME 4 – Key Features:

  • 10” touch screen with positionable angle
  • XLR master, booth and zone outputs
  • Six Serato FX controls with OLED screen parameter view
  • Two dedicated mic channels with individual EQ, level and echo effect with instant on/off or talk-over
  • 8 Performance Pads per deck letting you control Serato DJ Pro modes
  • Serato DVS ready (DVS Expansion Pack required)
  • Dedicated Beat Grid edit controls
  • Track select knob with deck load buttons and back/forward navigation

Denon DJ SC5000M Prime – Key Features:

  • 7” HD touch screen display
  • 8 Performance Pads to control Serato DJ Pro modes
  • Controls any of Serato DJ Pro’s 4 decks
  • Die-cast aluminum platter with ultra-high resolution MIDI
  • Variable Torque Adjustment
  • Track select/load knob
  • Auto loop with loop move and manual loop in/out controls


Full walkthrough video available here:

Download Serato DJ Pro 2.3.1

Visit: Full Serato DJ Pro 2.3.1 release notes here

Denon DJ Firmware updates:

So if I can get this straight…

The Prime 4 and SC5000’s very raison d’être is to operate as standalone units, but here we are with an update to make it work tethered to a laptop? Is that what you’re telling me? Just checking.

I do understand, but having used the SC5000s for a serious length of time without my MBP having to leave my desk, I just don’t feel that the experience is enhanced by crowbarring a laptop back into a setup designed expressly from the ground up not to use one.

But choice is good, and those accustomed to Serato DJ Pro’s workflow and having crates honed to perfection without the improving but still traumatic Engine Prime will be happy to see this update. And it may even make those that have held off from the majesty of the Prime hardware now happily jump feet first into Denon DJ Land.

Of course, Denon DJ definitely and defiantly planted their flag in Pioneer DJ’s booth dominance territory, asking you to #changeyourrider. And without Serato compatibility, the chances of Denon DJ making any kind of dent are lessened. Even Pioneer DJ had to make their players work with Serato to gain acceptance and get clubs to update. So while it doesn’t matter to me inside my Worxlab bubble, it does matter to a great many people, especially those who work at venues.

I’ll get all this installed and finally publish my SC5000M Prime review presently.

Serato, Prime 4, and SC5000M Prime go primetime

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