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UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase small Review (2)


As a DJ and cameraman of sorts, my various bags are strewn with all sorts of easily lost odds and ends. They somehow seem to find themselves in the darkest recesses that would normally be inaccessible as well. So the UDG Creator DIGI hardcase is the ideal solution to this continuing conundrum.

UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase small Review (3)

Zipped up, the hardcase is about the size of a small portable hard drive, thus takes up a just a small corner of your bag. Like most things luggage like in the DJ world, it’s made from black nylon wrapped around a clamshell hardcase. The case and tough hinge will withstand ritual abuse in a DJ’s bag but I wouldn’t be trying to cram headshells into it and hoping that they won’t get damaged. The UDG Creator DGI hardcase is tough, but not rigid and won’t withstand being stood on.

UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase small Review (5)

One thing is for sure — UDG ram their brand down your throat with no less than 4 logos on such a small case.

Upon opening the case, you’re greeted with space for 4 USB sticks and a mesh pocket for assorted DJ stuff. But these lift up to give access to 2 more mesh pockets. So things like emergency cables, compact flash, SD cards, business cards, audio adaptors etc are the ideal fodder for this UDG hardcase.

UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase small Review (4)

Summing up

Yes we’re here already, as there’s really not very much to say about UDG’s small but perfectly formed keeper of things. It’s rugged, covered in UDG logos, and safely herds all those small things that would otherwise hide in your bag or just get lost. So the UDG Creator DIGI hard case small gets a clear thumbs up from us.



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