UDG Ultimate small large DIGI wallet review (5)

Link: UDG — Price: €29.95


The digital age has brought with it a positive mountain of clutter — assorted chaff that while essential, usually ends up wrapping itself around everything else in your bag or simply getting lost. So we need to bring order from this chaos, and put everything in its place as it were. Thus UDG has got a couple of cases — the Ultimate DIGI wallets that aim to give said chaff a safe and comfortable home.

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The UDG Ultimate DIGI wallets come in 2 sizes and 2 colour ways — small/large and grey/black, all with orange lining, and are designed with the express intention of bringing all the individual bits and bobs of your DJ life into some sort of order, and to keep them safe too.

Although the sizes are different, the basic design is just the same — tough nylon gatefold outer wrapped around a hard plastic inner, with a selection of elasticated slots, mesh pockets and other assorted methods of keeping things where you want them to stay. This makes them very hardwearing and incredibly organised. While the wallets aren’t going to protect very fragile things that you might keep inside, they’re certainly going to do a pretty good job of keeping your digital DJ life together, as well as keeping them protected from the abuse metered out by travelling DJs.

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Being different sizes, the uses for each varies. For example, the large wallet has a large internal mesh pocket that will take headphones or an audio interface. There’s also padded compartments in both for phones. And each has an external zip flap for documents, and in the case of the large wallet, it’ll take a notebook. No, not a tiny computer, but an actual book for writing things in with pens. Look it up.

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What I like is that the usage is implied rather than forced. There are obvious uses for each section, but there’s enough flexibility for users to get a little creative. For example, while these are aimed at DJs, there’s no reason that anyone involved in other digital circles cannot use them. I could image all the odds and sods I routinely cram into my camera bag would benefit from being tamed into one place.

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In Use

You put stuff in and they stay put. End of. Be it keeping a few cables in OCD level neatness, or taming a whole lot of really important stuff together like documents, passports, tickets etc together instead of in numerous pockets, the UDG DIGI wallets will help immensely. The success or failure will depend on you, and how strict you are in putting things back in their place. You could of course just stuff it all in and zip it up, a task that the DIGI wallets are perfectly capable of.

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I do like the  idea of being able to pull out a single case from my bag, unzip it, and in front of me if a very organised arsenal of gear ready for action. I’m always losing camera batteries, SD cards, and USB keys in the darker recesses of my cavernous leather bag. So in this respect, the UDG DIGI wallets are perfect for me, and I suspect a great many others too.

Summing Up

I’ve probably typed far too any words to get across the same message. But in a nutshell, the UDG DIGI wallets do an excellent job of keeping your digital DJ gubbins together and importantly safe and sound. They’re not true hard cases, but go at least most of the way to achieving the same aim.





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