Last week, we posted Ko-Matsushima’s innovative Hot Hand demo, something that ruffled more than a few feathers with the rather more purist element of our readership. So this morning, I present for you DJ Qbert‘s recent showcase performance from the DMC USA regional in New York City.

One guy, 2 turntables, and a mixer… oh and a laptop and timecode vinyl of course as Q has seemingly hung his baseball cap on the Traktor hook. You’ll have to forgive him of course — he does press a few buttons along the way, but I suspect this is more along the lines of what the nay-sayers call keeping it real.


Qbert’s performance over, he pops on his imaginary bike, while the legend that is Joe Conzo captures the audience’s reaction.

Happy now guys? Personally speaking, every type of DJing is valid. As long as the crowd is happy, entertained, and dancing, then they’re doing their job right. Feel free to argue with me as much as you like, but DJs get validated by their audience and the dance floor, not other DJs.