REVEALED: New Rekordbox out in the wild at DJ Expo

DJ Expo 2015 starts today in Atlantic City, and after making a bigger blip on the show radar over the last couple of years, the amount of new releases and announcements at the show is notably bigger. And one of the biggest things not really announced but definitely teased and speculated about has been Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox software evolution. Well it seems like our buddy Damien Sirkis from Rekord Buddy fame may have just provided us with a first glimpse that lets us fill the dots.

rekordbox dj expo 2015

The show has only just got under way, so we have nothing more than this picture to tear apart. I’ve asked Damien for as much as he can give us in the short term. But it does very much look like people’s suspicions were founded — it’s full DJ software very much in the vein of Serato DJ.

I’m just going to leave this here right now, and let you pour over the image and drop your feelings in the comments. But if it’s on show at DJ Expo, full details must be imminent.

So… say what you see. Off you go.

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