Mini Innofader playing up? Here’s the answer

mini innofader prototype

Customer service should be paramount in any business, and this has always been the case with Elliot Marx and his Audio Innovate company. He’s always done way more than is necessary to keep his customers happy, and has built a reputation for being one of the good guys. And part of this stellar customer service is how problems are dealt with. Some manufacturers would deny the issue and hope it went away, but Elliot has fully addressed it, and has a solution, if indeed you’ve even experienced it at all.

In a post on the Audio Innovate forum, Elliot outlines the problem in immense technical detail. The condensed version is that issues with calibration leading to bleeding or dead space was spotted and fixed pretty soon after launch, but some of the older units are now making their way into the hands of customers, thus an increased instance of issues has come about. Elliot is tackling this issue head-on, and working with the manufacturers to sort any issues swiftly. For the record, I’ve used 4 different Mini Innofader enabled mixers and not had a single issue.

This all preempts the upcoming release of the Mini Innofader PNP. Having sorted out these issues and improved the original design, the new fader should just drop into a range of previously inaccessible fader slots. More info will be forthcoming at NAMM.

So if you have experienced some issues with your Mini Innofader enabled box of DJ tricks, a simple solution awaits. Check the Audio Innovate forum post to find out what to do next. And hats off to Elliot for handling this in such an upfront way too.