POLL: DJs and the mobile platform

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Love it or hate it, the mobile platform is an increasing part of the DJ and wider pro audio market. Being used for all manner of diverse applications, smartphones and tablets can be seen in many a setup, and with each passing iteration of hardware and OS get taken more seriously by DJs, performers and producers. But we’re interested in just how seriously, and if indeed the outlook is bright for the platform.

When a new platform comes along, a reflex defence mechanism kicks in where users of the current wave of tech get all stroppy and claim that the next wave is fake, gimmicky, or will never catch on. Clearly that isn’t true, because CDJs, DVS, and controllers (all former latest waves of DJ tech) are all established parts of the scene. But we’re interested specifically in your user habits, if indeed you have any plans to use them at all.

Are you completely anti-mobile? Do you perhaps have some interest but don’t feel that it’s quite ready just yet? Are you dabbling a little with things like apps like Serato Remote or Launchpad for iOS? Maybe you’ve ditched your laptop and use an iPad with a controller? Or is it possible that you’ve gone full mobile and only use a smart device?

The Mobile DJ Poll

The poll is very simple and paints broad strokes, so we’d love it if you could share your opinions and experiences on using smartphones and tablets, if indeed you do at all. Perhaps you have zero plans to ever use such false idols, maybe you’re considering a toe dip sometime once Android is better, or possibly you’re rocking thousands of people with just an iPhone.

Either way, please take part in this poll so that we can know just a little more about you.

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