FRIDAY FUN: Acid squelch in a browser

FRIDAY FUN: Acid squelch in a browser


Sometimes, you just have to stop and take stock of how far we’ve come. Nearly 20 years ago, Propellerhead Software released their software emulation of the legendary Roland TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909, called ReBirth. The software was a precursor to their Desktop Audio Workstation, Reason, and allowed a generation of bedroom producers to create the distinctive sounds of Acid House music, the acid squelch Now, some intrepid soul as a working version of the 303 and 909 in a browser.

Think about that. This is the future, man.

The app is a bit rough around the edges, and as the developer says on the page is “A work in progress web audio tool”, but the basic functions are all there, and with the “Randomize” [sic] function you’re ready to squelch your little heart out. Try it out. Waste some of your Friday afternoon. You deserve it, champ!

Bonus points: share your creations with the DJWORX community! It’s Friiiiiday!

FRIDAY FUN: Acid squelch in a browser

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