EQUIPBOARD: crowdsourced gear obsession

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We all read DJWORX for one reason (yes even we read our own site!): to satiate in some way our hunger for new DJ gear, when we can’t afford it (or don’t need it). Although the steady stream of new technology is covered as best we can, DJs always have their eyes on what’s going on around our little corner of the music world (and it is little!). From staring at club/festival photos, to watching grainy videos on YouTube, we all want to know what the top tier guys and gals are using to get their sound. We learn from the greats: track selection, techniques… and, of course, gear.

So, how about a crowdsourced, easy-to-use website to track not only your own kit, but that of well known bands, producers and DJs? Makes sense, doesn’t it? Well, someone’s given it a go

Curate! Crowdsource! Gamify!

The site, called EQUIPBOARD, isn’t just for DJs. Rather, you can curate your own kit for any musical purpose, from production, vocals, drums, DJing and anything in between. If an item isn’t in the site’s database, it’s straightforward to add it, and you can even give it a little review, like Yelp for music hardware.

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Much like anything on the web these days, you can follow other users, as well as some of the more high-profile artists you might recognise. Navigation is obvious, and the site guides you through getting started. The design ethos has definitely taken cues from many of the modern startup website. The biggest issue I found was the lack of hardware in their database. It needs fleshing out.

My take

I’ve had a good go playing around with the site, and it’s very easy to use. Yes, the site is slick, but i’m not altogether convinced of the ‘gamified‘ web, like Klout or LinkedIn try to do. Some things are just not meant to have a score attached to them, such as this site.

As with any crowdsourced resource, EQUIPBOARD is only as good as its users. My suggestion would be: Get in there and fill in those gaps!

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

Honestly? Some sort of embeddable badge to show a summary of your kit would be cool.

Have you come across EQUIPBOARD before? What’s your [non-grumpy-old-person] experience with it? Any suggestions for features?