Numark NV virtualDJ 8 VDJ mapping (2)

Numark NV working with VirtualDJ – including screens

Numark NV virtualDJ 8 VDJ mapping (2)

Seems that there’s no stopping Atomix. Hellbent on making VirtualDJ 8 work with anything with a USB port, they’ve now gone and managed something that we speculated might not happen. When we first saw the Numark NV (review here) during a Skype conversation with Numark, one of the first questions I asked was about mapping and screen use. I did get a very corporate response along the lines of “it’s designed explicitly for Serato DJ but there are some clever people out there who may well work out how to do it”. And now someone has, as VirtualDJ8 works with the Numark NV, screens included.

Numark NV virtualDJ 8 VDJ mapping (1)

A brief email exchange confirmed that mapping was easy, but info about the screens definitely wasn’t forthcoming so Atomix worked it out for themselves. It would appear that much of the visual elements are stored on the NV itself, so the screens will still resemble the Serato DJ ones, but with info fed directly from VDJ.

VirtualDJ seems to be on a rampage right now, and largely succeeding. Having pulled off this seemingly impossible feat, I wonder if we’ll see Traktor hardware get the VDJ treatment? Want some of this VDJ action inside your Kontrol S8?