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Latest controllers supported by VirtualDJ 8 4

Latest controllers supported by VirtualDJ 8

There's no stopping VirtualDJ right now. Having been rebuilt from the ground up, support for just about everything with a USB port is slowly being included. Over NAMM and beyond, a stream of DVS compatibility has been added, including the "natively supported" Traktor Kontrol Z2. I see what they did there. ...
Virtual DJ 8 DVS

VirtualDJ 8 DVS — scratching at the top table?

You might like to think that Serato and Traktor have the DVS game sewn up between them. But Atomix isn't having any of that, and is pitching VirtualDJ 8 as a solid DVS alternative. The twist is that you can use pretty much any DVS capable hardware and timecode vinyl, and Atomix would love for you to try it out. ...
Virtual DJ 8 DVS scratch BPM 2014 (2)

BPM 2014: Virtual DJ 8 cuts it with the big boys

DVS is a tough nut to crack properly. The every process of converting a high pitched vinyl whine into good quality music that doesn't break up or lag is not an easy thing to achieve. But after many years of trying, and a sustained period of late night coding, Virtual DJ 8 can now hold its head up high and delivers solid DVS performance. ...