NAMM 2016: Reloop Mixtour portable controller


A long, long time ago in this very-same room, I reviewed Native Instruments’ Kontrol Z1 mixer/controller, which is designed to work alongside the Traktor DJ iOS app. Since then, we’ve had the AMX from Akai to fill a similar (albeit souped up) role for the Serato DJ desktop app. It’s taken until now for anyone to come up with a competitor, and Reloop give us the Mixtour, a small form two channel mixer-controller to use with your favourite software.

The Mixtour has a built in audio interface with USB and iOS connectors, as well as some basic transport controls. While designed specifically to work with Algoriddim djay on mobile devices, it can also be used with full desktop DJ software like VDJ8 and Traktor Pro 2.

Click here for the, frankly ridiculous, seven page press release.

My thoughts

Even nearly three years on, I still use my Z1 if I’m popping over to a friend’s house for a quick mixing session or just need to save on space. The AMX became the defacto analogue for Serato, so I’ve been a bit surprised no one else has tried to produce something like this that can be used with a wider range of software. One of these Mixtours coupled with some small CDJs in HID mode would make a great simple all-digital setup, and adding something like the Zomo MC-1000 would mean a highly portable set of gear that would work with almost any modern DJ software. It remains to be seen what the build quality is like, but I’d be surprised if Reloop put out something with shoddy workmanship these days.

Your thoughts

Is this the portable controller you’ve been looking for? What controller would you pair it up with?

The Reloop Mixtour will have a special launch price of €149/£110 with an MSRP of £130/€179/$199, due ‘at the end of January’.

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