NAMM 2016: Rane’s baby MP2014 Rotary Mixer. Exclusive Pics!

Rane MP2014 rotary mixer NAMM 2016 (1)

Cast your mind back a year, to when Rane made every kind of DJ get collective trouser trauma with the introduction of the retro styled fader-free MP2015 rotary mixer. The reaction was universal — even those DJs whose very existence depended on crossfaders craved one badly. For many, it was a total DJ’s wet dream. But for others it was a tad too much, both in price and features. So Rane has come to the rescue, making things considerably simpler and a tad smaller with the new MP2014 two channel rotary mixer. And I went to Rane in Seattle to take a look.

Let’s get the official words out of the way first:

 Rane MP2014 rotary mixer NAMM 2016 (18)

Rane MP2014 Mixer

Rane announces the launch of a new musical instrument for the uncompromising professional DJ who only needs two channels but requires the utmost in technology, simplicity, reliability and portability. The model MP2014 uses the same platform as Rane’s MP2015, the new worldwide four-channel rotary club standard.

Different DJ styles require different instruments. The MP2014 is uniquely tailored for the artist seeking the fluidity and smooth transitions provided by silky-smooth rotary controls. Like its four-channel big brother this definitive mixing instrument is realized through a combination of powerful and unique features, classic elegance, rugged design and intuitive simplicity.

With help from the best DJs and clubs around the world Rane redefined the rotary DJ mixer by bridging the gap between classic rotary mixers and modern DJ tools. The MP2014 represents the perfect marriage of a high-quality rotary control-surface, with state-of-the-art digital signal processing and dual 16-channel USB sound cards. An essential assortment of analog and digital I/O supports mixing vinyl, CDs and USB streaming audio in any combination.

Featuring exceptional phono preamps, three-way swept-filters and a three-band, steep 24dB/octave main mix Isolator—with adjustable crossover points—the MP2014 provides the same quality, aesthetics and high-resolution audio as the MP2015 in an elegant and portable design, and is supported by the best customer service on the planet.

There’s also the MP2014 data with all the geeky detail you could ever need. Please download and read — no need for me to copy and paste here.

Rane MP2014 rotary mixer NAMM 2016 (31)
The existing MP2015 and the new MP2014.


I think that’s pretty obvious really. It’s a two channel version of last year’s MP2015 that keeps the same basic principles of features and build, loses the sub mix but keeps the dual USB. And importantly, keeps the isolator. SO it’s a simpler workflow, but still retains the MP2015’s DNA that we all love.

Why drop two channels? Believe it or not, you don’t need four channels to mix two tracks together. I’ve often though about the perception of four channel mixers being the only type that you can mix tracks on. Clearly this isn’t true at all, and a great many DJs leave the spare channels completely idle. So the MP2014 will be a welcome addition to the Rane line up.

Back in simpler times, the focus was on doing as much as you could with two tracks. And that’s what I love about the MP2014. I have a tendency to lapse into more fader centric mixing and not bother so much with EQs and filters. But this will allow me to focus in the music, and to experiment with the range of focussed tools that the MP2014 offers. I’ll actually learn how to mix all over again with this, whereas the MP2015 would probably have been overwhelming.

Some of you will ask where the crossfader is. And if you do, then it’s clearly not for you. This is about the pure appreciation of the music in front of you — about the purity of mixing two tracks together without being concerned about such frippery as effects, looping and cues. You can of course do all of that if you wish but it’s not superfluous chaff thrown into a mixer to placate those who should really be looking at other Rane mixers.

So it’s likely that potential buyers of Super Stereo and E&S rotary mixers now have another two channel unit to salivate about.

The bottom line – this will be $1999 on the street, which is a considerable saving on the MP2015.



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