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While we’re all still waiting for the release of the Mixfader, the completely wireless Bluetooth crossfader that’s designed for scratching on-the-go, the company behind the fancy gadget has updated their mobile DJ app edjing to version 5. French development company DJiT have announced edjing 5, which now sits alongside edjing Pro on Android and iOS. Intended as a more accessible DJ app, the new version features a cleaner user interface, better underlying audio processing engine, a way to share your mixes amongst other improvements.

Here’s a detailed press release for your perusal:

edjing 5: the best edjing ever

Paris, September 1st 2015 – Today, the publisher of the best-loved DJ application in the world unveils edjing 5, the best edjing to date. Thanks to a total ergonomics overhaul and a new modern and cleaner design, edjing 5 offers you a smoother and more intuitive experience, that puts more easily all the important controls at your fingertips. With the main focus on innovation, edjing 5 integrates a totally new sound system with an array of new audio functions, optimized access to over 50 million tracks and a multitude of new options for sharing your mixes. Available from today, discover right now the DJ app already rated by more than 30 million users worldwide!

  • edjing has undergone a complete makeover with a total interface overhaul!

The interface of edjing 5 has been completely reworked and refined, to offer you total freedom of creativity. You can add your favorite DJ effects even faster with the new interface that refocuses on the most used functions: Pitch, FX, EQ and Sync. You can also benefit from a brand new FX menu personalization function and add up to 4 audio effects to your favorites.

  • A brand new audio system with increased options

edjing 5 includes the latest version of the audio system developed by our engineers, the result of five years’ R&D. This revolutionary audio processing technology gives you access to totally new audio effects – such as Slip and Roll – and offers you advanced and personalized settings, depending on your level of expertise. For newest users, you can benefit from perfect sound rendition every time, thanks to the automated audio effects. For sound purists, you can set the audio system manually for total control over your set. For example, you can choose your crossfader curve.

  • A new sharing system that better suits your way of life

edjing was the very first DJ app to offer mix sharing on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Even more social, edjing 5 now offers you more sharing options via a host of applications, such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger, or via private message in an SMS or email. edjing 5 also offers you the possibility of customizing your mix cover with images and photos.

  • Simplified and faster access to over 50 million track.

edjing 5 offers new track search and organization methods for your music amongst its vast library of over 50 million tracks, be it from SoundCloud, Deezer or from your own mp3 files. For example, you can set your search parameters, classify your lists by BPM to find the sounds that mix well, or even create playlists for your parties by simply swiping your chosen tracks.

Jean-Baptiste Hironde, Founder and CEO of DJiT – the edjing 5 publisher: “edjing 5 is our most advanced version ever created, with which we have perfected the user experience via improved control management, an increased number of functions and strengthened audio performance. Available for free, even more people can now benefit from the best edjing ever and discover the world of mixing.”

Prices and availabilities:

edjing is a universal application compatible with versions from iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iOS 7 onwards and is free to download.

edjing 5 is compatible with smartphones and tablets that support Android 4 or above and is free to download.

About DJiT, the edjing 5 publisher:

DJIT- the edjing 5 publisher – designs, develops and markets mobile applications devoted to music. Classified amongst the world’s top 10 leading mobile app publishers in its category, DJiT has recorded more than 50 million downloads in 182 countries and is behind edjing, the world’s #1 DJ application. As well as the wide range of mobile apps currently offered, DJiT has announced the upcoming release of Mixfader, the publisher’s first connected object for DJs and turntablists, available by pre-order today at http://www.edjing.com/mixfader for $99.


With the mobile DJ app market in such fierce competition, it’s becoming clear there’s stagnation in innovation without external hardware to spice things up. We still have the odd new all-in-one controller pop up from the likes of Reloop or Pioneer, but much like desktop hardware, they’re much of a muchness. There might be varying degrees of build quality and cost, maybe the odd special feature, but fundamentally the same.

DJiT have an opportunity here to capitalise on something that could be truly special by making their range of apps work seamlessly with the Mixfader, working to make it all as super-scratch-friendly as you can have on a touch interface. Obviously, I don’t have any idea what they have planned. They might already have the same ideas in the pipeline. The mobile market is still ripe for innovation, if DJiT are brave enough.

Download edjing 5 from the iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon or the Windows 8 store now, for free with in-app purchases.


Have you tried edjing 5? How does it compare to other DJ apps on mobile? Have you got ideas of how to make a DJ mobile app more scratch friendly?


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