SOFTWARE SHOTS FIRED: rekordbox DJ announced

They said I was mad. Then they started to believe. And now it’s here. Pioneer DJ has finally taken the wraps off of rekordbox 4, and with it comes a plug architecture that will allow rekordbox to become whatever it wants, including DVS and video in time too. SHOTS. FIRED.

Here’s some words, but watch the video too:

Pioneer DJ is heralding a new era of choice for rekordbox users with the release of the rekordbox dj Plus Pack. Available as an in-software purchase from inside rekordbox 4.0, rekordbox dj means DJs can do all their set preparation in rekordbox – adding cues, loops and tags – then just plug their laptop into a controller and play. There’s no need to transfer their library into other software, and they use that same library to perform on CDJs or XDJs too.

rekordbox dj draws on Pioneer DJ’s deep understanding of DJs’ needs to deliver the industry’s fastest software. The software’s GUI precisely mirrors the layout of Pioneer DJ controllers, to give DJs instinctive, effortless control of rekordbox dj’s features.

Same rekordbox, additional features
rekordbox 4.0 (free of charge) has the same familiar layout and indispensible functionality DJs have come to rely on. But now in-software purchasing gives DJs the option to buy the rekordbox dj Plus Pack – with more Plus Packs to come in the future, including DVS, FX and video packs.

How to get rekordbox dj

  • From 1st October 2015, DJs can download rekordbox 4.0 (free of charge) from From inside rekordbox they can download the 30-day free trial of rekordbox dj or buy the rekordbox dj Plus Pack for €139, including VAT.
  • From December 2015, they can also choose to subscribe to rekordbox DJ for €10.90 a month, including VAT.
  • rekordbox dj will be bundled with the DDJ-RZ or DDJ-RX controllers for rekordbox dj, available at SRPs of €2,099 and €1,049 respectively, including 21% VAT.

rekordbox dj tour
From 20th October 2015, Pioneer DJ is teaming up with authorised dealers across Europe, Middle East and Africa to help DJs get to know rekordbox DJ. Dealers will host free training sessions where they’ll introduce the new software and give DJs a chance to explore it for themselves. Find out more and register from 22nd September at:


Plain old rekordbox library manager just became rekordbox 4 with a plugin architecture that will allow you expand it with things like DVS and video, and also subscribe for €10.99 per month. So when I say shots fired, it’s not an understatement.

Pioneer DJ rekordbox 4 plus pack software DVS video


It’s easy to brandish around such hyperbole, but here’s the reality of this situation — rekordbox has grown from library manager to fully fledged DJ software, with a plugin architecture that in the near future will bring more effects, DVS, and video too.

Let me underline this if it’s not clear — rekordbox is now a direct and major competitor to Serato DJ, Traktor, VirtualDJ, MixVibes, and all the other DJ software out there. Pioneer DJ is now nose to nose with the industry in more or less every area. With this announcement, Pioneer DJ and Serato will be stepping toe to toe in a bid for your hearts, heads, and wallets. The Piosphere takes shape.

This is a developing story. More to come — so much more. And expect the Pioneer server to break under the pressure.