VIDEO: Mini Innofader inside a Pioneer DJM-T1

You know how we love to bust out a screwdriver and dabble where perhaps we shouldn’t. And continuing our quest to cram a mini Innofader into stuff, we opened up a Pioneer DJM-T1, and despite finding ample space, we hit a small technology wall that Elliot Marx from Audio Innovate was able to get us over. The upshot — the new mini Innofader plugs and plays with the DJM-T1. And getting all carried away, I made a short video of it in action.

mini innofader pioneer DJM-T1 scratch (2)
Check out the lines — instead of getting smaller, the lag was getting bigger when calibrated. But now it’s fixed.

The trouble came in the shape of the lag (that’s the distance from the edge of the fader to the start of the fader curve — the quiet space) not adjusting properly. It would actually get larger instead of smaller, and there was no way to get it below about 5mm. So after some transatlantic travel via courier, my mini Innofader made it back to AI HQ, was duly tampered with by Elliot, and sent right back. I did have to do some adjustment to do to get the lag down to a level I was happy with, but once set it was amazing.

A video? From DJWORX?

Yes, you read it correctly. It’s not exactly of a production value that I’m happy with but it does the job. I decided to bust out the camera and show it (and me) in action. At the same time, and killing two current birds with one stone, I hooked up MixVibes Cross DVS (review coming)  to check out how well it performed. Very well as it turned out, but that’s for another time. All you need to know is that all new mini Innofaders have been updated with new firmware to make them plug and play with the Pioneer DJM-T1 as well as whatever it was working with before. Good work Elliot!

And yes, I did leave all the other knobs off the DJM-T1 to do the video. It was a quick and nasty clip, made in a hurry before restoring the mixer back to its Pioneer factory fresh glory.

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